The Passion Republican show for personal freedom is a cover-up for them

This fact clearly shows the hypocrisy of the Republicans in defending freedom of speech and their support for white nationalism. The nature of the anger and opposition of GOP politicians on issues affecting non-white Americans is contrary to the American view of freedom and equality.
Republican voters, especially Trump supporters, shout about being dumb and naive, but why else would anyone support and believe in hypocritical politics? Isn’t the support of one leader over one ideology and all others dictatorial? The current Republican Party is collapsing because its attempts to censor the opinions of others who are not aligned with them will fail in court. The majority of Americans will not allow this hypocritical, unconstitutional, anti-independence, Christian-extremist political ideology to take over our democracy.
The philosophy of electoral freedom based on religion or political ideology is not democracy. Proponents of the alt-right version of Republicanism must acknowledge that they support dictatorship as long as their party does not lead it. Republican religious extremists believe that their interpretation of Christianity’s position at the beginning of life allows women to be deprived of their basic right to make decisions about their reproductive rights without government intervention.
Like Melania Trump, Republican Bobby Jindal is hypocritical about immigration. Both they and their families have benefited from U.S. immigration law, yet they want to deny asylum seekers a way of living or citizenship. These two hypocrites are the symbol of aristocracy. Another hypocritical position Republicans have on immigration is that they apply more positive narratives and liberal laws to immigrants from white countries versus brown countries. Remember Trump’s remarks after referring to African countries as “relaxed” that the United States should have more immigrants from Scandinavian countries.

“It’s okay to pray as long as you pray.” Part of this opinion was published in the Halfpost in 2016 and exposed the inherent hypocrisy of this group of Americans. The evangelism of Christian Americans and other sections oppose the basic teachings of Jesus. The words they use in the name of Jesus do not match their deeds. The article points out conflicts such as:

  • They support the importance of family values, yet they support Donald Trump’s candidate, Roy Moore, who has been accused of victimizing 14-year-old girls.
  • 72% of evangelicals say immoral leaders can still lead morally unless they abstain, anti-LGBTQ and anti-abortion.
  • They ignore Donald Trump’s adultery, credible allegations of sexual harassment, and his “grasping of women by pussy” attitude.
  • Jesus spoke of helping the poor, the disabled, and the afflicted. Republican Christian extremists support millionaire politicians who practice bigotry, oppose social programs that help the underprivileged
  • Christians speak of compassion and “love your neighbor” when they support the brutal politics of immigrants

For Christian extremists to realize that their values, lifestyles and freedoms mean nothing to Trump, our government may have to take full Republican possession. The MAGA movement used them to gain power, not to promote Jesus-based America. Being an extremist believer in any ideology leads to the stupidity of the society. If Christians read the Constitution, they will know that America is not a Christian country, the separation of church and state has been created in our government and “all people are created equal.” If you love Trump’s “America First” slogan so much, follow the Constitution. Hypocrisy is degrading the church and will ultimately reduce its value and impact. The wonderful religion that Trump could have given to society is coming to an end. The end of cult leaders is not good, and neither are their teachings and followers.

A hypocritical politician who uses religion-based politics to deceive Christians for their votes.

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