The only job left for Trump is to earn him millions of dollars

Dangerous auto rats, dictators and religious leaders come and go throughout history. Their lives usually end in shame, dramatic death or painful imprisonment. However, along the way, people die, careers are ruined and countries fight to survive the abuse of corruption. Trump has broken the law in the eyes of the world and has so far protected him from trial as president and former president. Trump’s name has been trashed in the business world so he now relies on his innocent supporters and Lopat Republicans to line his pockets with his grants. The product he is selling is white nationalism, a false message of his support for Christian values ​​and promises that he will never leave it to the people who need it the most. More books have been written about Trump’s corrupt attacks on democracy than any other president. Many of these books are written by Republicans, members of the military, and moderate Democrats who, through information and observation, know that Trump likes it when processing a mentally unstable, insecure dictator who hates democracy. Justice is coming from New York, Georgia, Washington DC, and countless additional sources. Until the rule of law is upheld, he will snatch hundreds of millions of dollars from voters and black money donors from his paycheck.
Disagreements against Trump coming out of legal trouble. The ability to abuse the court to delay his day in court has prolonged his arrogant independence. However, breaking the law and hearing Trump’s tapes and videos in a court of law, including a judge and a jury, will end the carnival of corruption. Democracy will continue to suffer unless every corrupt person, including Trump, is held accountable by the judiciary.
This statement is true, not fake news and is easily proven. President Obama has never been investigated for violating the constitution, trying to bribe foreign leaders, misusing military or government funds, or failing to pay taxes. The reality is, there was no presumption of illegal behavior; He won the Nobel Peace Prize and was elected for a second term. Republicans have abandoned their commitment to conservative American values ​​and the Constitution in support of dictatorship, corruption, and power, and representatives of both parties know that the worst president in U.S. history.
With business failures, rising debt, rising attorney fees and an appetite for spending, Trump now relies on conspiracy theories to entice his followers to send him money. It is a sad and disturbing scenario to see financially struggling Americans paying a trust fund child. However, most Americans reject the notion that celebrity hacksters hold high positions. This is why he lost the 2020 election.

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