The New York Post’s new “Joe Biden” cover is one of our most brutal so far

The New York Post is known for its flashy, cute cover photos.

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They don’t lag behind, and they really know how to make a statement with their title and their artwork.

So, we are accustomed to seeing some really brutal and creative things from them.

But I want to say, this latest cover featuring Joe Biden is still one of their most brutal and truthful.

At the moment, Joe Biden is dealing with a lot of failures … it’s all his fault.

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First, the new AP poll Biden has sunk to its worst approval count in that poll so far: 39 percent.

You know, the actual number is a lot less than a heluva. At the moment, I would say Joe is practically in his late teens or early twenties.

The next child formula nightmare.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Biden aint for me either.


And while all this is going on, including inflation, rising gas, border crises and waves of crime, congressional idiots and Joe Biden have sent another 40 40 billion to Ukraine.

So, needless to say, Bumbling Joe is dealing with a huge mess of his own making and The New York Post has captured it on a brilliant cover.



Here’s what people are saying online about this cover art:

“Anyone with common sense knows this.”

“It’s actually worse than that.”

“Joe is a fool, yes, but most of this destruction is by design.”

“Alone in the first year.”

“Joe Biden is the worst president in US history.”

“Literally the worst president”

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Trust me, there are many more awesome things they could add to that part, but they needed a billboard, not a newspaper cover.

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