The new move proves that CNN’s newcomers want Trump supporters to start tuning in …

You know, CNN has new leadership.

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The TDS-involved loser, Jeff Zucker, who ran the network on the ground in the Trump era, was recently ousted, and newcomers are trying to change public perceptions of CNN as the king of “fake news.”

They have promised to restructure the network and bring it back to the days of “fair reporting”, free from all the hateful Trump hate.

So far, so good.

Now, I’m not saying that CNN is the new face of fair news or something like that, but I’d say I’ve noticed some changes and the latest move by CNN’s new boss is misleading and it’s his biggest move. Network of Trump supporters.

The Daily Mail UK reports that CNN’s new boss, Chris Licht, has instructed workers to stop using the word “the big lie” to describe Donald Trump’s claims of fraud in the 2020 election, as it is a Democrat slogan.

The term is a popular one for networks. According to Mediate, the sentence was said 168 times in the first half of June alone.

Hosts like Brian Stelter of Reliable Sources often prefer this phrase in a way that they use it prominently in the graphic package and in Kieran.

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But Licht has instructed Stelter and other journalists to stop and suggest “Trump’s election lie” or “election lie” as a possible replacement.

He issued the order a few days after warning staff about the endless use of ‘breaking news’ graphics in the story, which he said was melodramatic and ultimately diminished the power of the big story when they paused.

Leach was asked to comment on the term during a conference call with network management and producers of various events on Tuesday.

He said he prefers employees to avoid it, although it was clear that it was not mandatory.

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A source said Licht believes that certain phrases in the “big lie” – a reference to Hitler’s Nazi propaganda efforts during the Third Reich – were spoken by a Democratic Party.

CNN has come under fire for moving away from its well-respected news coverage toward absolute opinion programming, where seven- and eight-figure pay hosts have woken up to talk points.

With CNN praising Ukraine for its coverage of the war and other major international news, Licht is also said to be keen to return the well-stocked network to neutral news coverage.

CNN staff suggested that people in the Atlanta-based network did not happily meet the demand to stop telling big lies.

Other reports claim that Acosta, Lemon and Stelter were recently given “notice” and asked to dispose of anti-Trump rubbish, or that they would seek another job.

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Personally, I don’t think CNN can actually change their image with those 3 paid clowns.

There’s already a lot of damage to be done, and if CNN seriously wants to go beyond its dirty reputation, those three stooges have to go.

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