The new audit reveals Joe Biden’s fraud on Twitter

Then let me speak directly.

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Joe Biden received an estimated 81 million legal votes, but can only get 22 million followers on Twitter and now, we are learning that half of them are actually fake?

That’s great.

So, he got about 11 million “real” followers?

Where are the other 70 million people?

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, are you?

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Newsweek reports that nearly half of President Joe Biden’s current 22.2 million followers on Twitter are fake accounts, according to an audit tool provided by software company SparkToro.

The SparkToro tool found that 49.3 percent of the followers following the official OPOTUS Twitter account are “fake followers” based on an analysis of several factors, including location issues, default profile pictures, and new users.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is currently trying to buy Twitter, has expressed concern about the number of fake accounts and could lose a large number of users like a potential crackdown biden.

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All these rumors about real and fake followers are happening because before he makes the final purchase, Elon Musk wants to know the percentage of bots compared to real people on Twitter.

Musk said early Tuesday that his $ 44-billion deal to buy the social media company could not go ahead until the problems with the fake accounts were resolved, and he appeared to criticize Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal.

Mask, statistics show that 20 percent of Twitter accounts were fake.

Pollen claims, it is only 5 percent.

I think Elon is much closer to the goal.

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Twitter is a liberal utopia, designed to make the left and their failed policies popular, so at least 20 percent are fake bots.

Joe Biden’s account is a Perfect That example.

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