The mystery surrounding the so-called “suicide” of a former Clinton top aide has deepened

If you’ve followed, we’re telling you the story of another former Clinton aide who recently “committed suicide.”

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His name was Mark Middleton and at the time of his death he was living in Littlerock, Arkansas.

They found him hanging from a tree with a shotgun in his chest.

Needless to say, it seemed suspicious, but authorities ruled it was suicide.

Middleton was Bill Clinton’s former top aide and the man who first brought Jeffrey Epstein to the White House.

This mystery is getting weird in the moment. Another Littlerock resident, who died suspiciously, has been spotted floating in the Arkansas River, and has been linked to Mr Middleton … but it has become even more bizarre …

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Radar Online reports that the family of Bill Clinton’s former presidential adviser Perv Jeffrey Epstein has filed a lawsuit after local investigators questioned the cause of death in a series of explosive radar stories to stop him from revealing details of his suspected suicide.

Little Rock businessman Mark Middleton, who introduced the late Parv to the former president, was found hanging from a tree on May 7 with a shotgun in his chest and a cheap dollar tree-type extension cord hanging around his neck, which investigators determined was a suicide.

But’s attempt to obtain a police and autopsy report detailing the bizarre deaths at a Periville firm linked to former Commander-in-Chief is being thwarted by the handcuffs of the case against Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery and County Coroner Bill Green.

Middleton’s wife, Rhea, and brother, Larry, attorney Paul Parnell of Rose Law Firm, filed the lawsuit in Perry County Circuit Court on May 23 – the same law firm where Hillary Clinton worked before she became First Lady!

It is the same firm that became embroiled in the infamous Whitewater scandal in the 1990s and gained even more notoriety when one of its former partners, Vince Foster, committed suicide with a .38 Colt revolver at Bill’s White House Council, Washington. DC Park.

According to a lawsuit filed by, the lawsuit was filed against the publication of photographs, videos, sketches and other media content contained in the sheriff’s investigative files.

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Mr. Middleton’s family, including Mr. Middleton, has been harassed by foreign, traumatic, unsupported and offensive online articles about Mr. Middleton’s death and his family since Mr. Middleton’s death, ”the lawsuit claims. Family privacy is being violated.

“People who have created online articles will try to get the details of the file.”

Mr. Middleton’s business associates and friends do not believe for a second that it was a “suicide” and are calling for an independent inquiry into the matter.

It’s also amazing how Radar Online, an “entertainment” publication, is mostly doing investigative work on the subject, when our mainstream media doesn’t even report the story.

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It really needs to show you that our media is in a tragic situation right now.

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