The mother shrugged to put her kids aside to sign, “Don’t force it

Liberals are the most isolated, weird people on this planet.

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They love animals, and will literally take a bullet for a dog or cat, but when it comes to babies and children, many of them have a very “meh” attitude.

Women have had abortions, something that is very disgusting, and should be rare, and a last resort, and has turned it into a “badge of honor.”

They “scream” at their abortion and talk about them as if they were something to be proud of. They further claim that abortion is part of standard women’s healthcare.

I’m sorry, but ewww and gross.

Why can’t these women take birth control?

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We are told that these feminists are so powerful, capable, and can do anything, but do not understand how to take birth control?

It’s not that hard.

There are several types of a basilion, and their protection rate is 99.9 percent. You can get birth control at Walmart for Rs.

And if you’re really poor, you can use condoms, or abstain from sex until your life is back on track.

It’s called being a responsible person, crying out loud.

Why can’t they do it?

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This is 2022. Abortions should be rare, yet, for some bizarre reason, they are the most popular ticket in town.

So much so, that real mothers are now dragging their babies to rally for abortion… and if she’s not sick enough, wait until you see the sign that this mother is standing next to her babies… she’s gone viral, but for all the wrong reasons. .

“A woman is standing outside SCOTUS with her two children holding a sign that reads ‘Don’t force it on anyone.'” Big Ole Eix. “


I can’t imagine what this woman was thinking when she did it, but here’s what people are saying online:

“Pro-abortion rallies show nothing more than unconditional love for your children than using them as props, putting them next to a sign that says you want them to never be born.”

“I’m not usually a fan of CPS involvement but isn’t it insulting to parade your kids with a sign saying it’s an unreasonable burden ?!”

“Why would you travel a family to an abortion party gathering?”

“These are the kind of parents who take their kids to see the sex drag queen show.”

“OMG and those kids have to go home with him, knowing they are completely undesirable. It’s just scary. “

“I’m old enough to remember when a husband, 3 kids and a family dog ​​were part of the American dream.”

“The weak, defeated husband is standing there like a dummy. That’s why we need strong men to control these insane women. ”

“Hey mom, remember the time you used as our props to show people how scary it is to be a kid?”

“Liberals like to use children for their progressive politics. Why do you think they are making all these sex-confused children? ”

“What a holy cow crawls. Those poor children. Having a family and being a parent is the biggest achievement of my life. Giz “

“It’s very sad what that woman thinks about her children through her marks.”

“They are very sad, upset people. They have been lied to all their lives. ”

“Hey kids let’s go out and protest by letting the world know that I won’t force your existence on even my worst enemies.”

“Lord, have mercy on us.”

This is today’s democracy, people.

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These cooks are no longer “radical” or “fringe”.

These are the average dams – jobs that have become mentally ill with zero common sense or decency.

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