The liberal woman says it is better to kill a “brown” child than to allow a white one

This tweet is a symbol of evil.

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It will literally churn you out… but it is the Democrat Party today. They are fundamentalists, foam-faced monsters.

And this liberal liberal woman went on Twitter where she said she would rather kill her own “brown” child in the womb than allow white Christians to grow up.

According to him, an abortion like this would be a “love affair”.

These people are absolutely disgusting dirty.

His name is Joe Luhmann, and he has a blog that is so hateful and full of racism that it is sick of words.

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Here’s what Joe said: “I’d rather have an abortion than a brown child who was eventually adopted by white missionaries. It is not a generosity for the majority of children worldwide to give to people who will be hurt by the hatred of themselves and their ancestors. Abortion is a love affair. “

It is hard to believe that such an evil exists on earth.

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It’s also hard to believe that someone would write something so inhuman and disgusting that the whole world would see, but the left only maintains the limits of evil.

Of course, this woman’s bad words shocked many people, and they shared their concerns, some even saying that they would pray for her, which she told them not to do.

“I am a brown child who was adopted by a white family who practice Christianity. I have an amazing life, family and friends. I am happy to be alive. I can’t tell a woman what to do with her body, but it’s not a act of love to hate a nation in any way. Don’t speak for us “

“So you believe Colin Kepernick would have been better off if he had had an abortion before he was born?”

“” Murder is a love affair “How beautiful”

“So, are you acknowledging that white evangelicals accept a large proportion of unwanted children?”

“Would you rather allow a baby to be adopted by a couple whose skin color is different than terribly killing an unborn child? This is evil! Abortion is murder, not love! Repent and surrender to Christ “

“The saddest thing about many people, including this person, is how much they’ve lost and they don’t know.”

This tweet really represents how far many on the left have come.

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At the moment, do they have any reservations?

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