The January 6th committee hearing this week could be a nail in Trump A’s coffin

Jeffrey Clark conspired with Trump to invalidate Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory for president. DOJ officials threatened to fire Trump if he appointed an incompetent clerk as attorney general. Now being investigated by the DOJ, Clark’s home was raided by the FBI this week and his computers were confiscated. Trump learned during his time in office that his only way to destroy the democratic process was to dismiss professional, law-abiding conservatives and hire incompetent, criminal loyalists willing to break the law for him. It is frightening to realize how close it was to succeeding in a conspiracy to destroy democracy by deceiving corrupt allies, stealing elections and establishing him as the first dictator. US President. Clarke is at risk of joining the growing list of attorneys who will lose his license, reputation and possibly his freedom in the lure of power. Although three DOJ officials refused to declare the election corrupt, Jeffrey Clark was willing to do so if he was appointed attorney general. America came close to losing democracy, all for a low-class, trust-funded child that only took from America and gave nothing In the back.

Donald Trump desperately went from one scandal to another in an attempt to steal his election that he decidedly lost to Joe Biden. His frustration at not being defeated led him to the judiciary to pressurize Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, Richard Donogu, Deputy Acting Attorney General and Steven Engel, Assistant Attorney General of the Office of Legal Counsel, to announce the election publicly. The deceitful Trump then told them, “Leave the rest to him” and his congressional allies. The three Republicans who voted for Trump refused to do so and threatened to resign if Jeffrey Clark was appointed attorney general. The threat of these officers to emigrate en masse under the DOJ leadership prevented Trump from hiring Clark. Rosen, Engel, and Donogu knew that Trump had chosen a clerk who was ineligible for the AG for the sole purpose of declaring the results of the 2020 presidential election invalid. Despite their past support for Trump, they refused to violate the Constitution because he told them to do so. They, like many Republicans who testified under oath at the hearing, stopped breaking the law.

The conspiracy to illegally establish himself as an unelected president was made possible by the oath of allegiance of these traitors to the constitution. In the midterm elections of 2022, real patriots will run for office in a campaign that will remind Americans that these vulnerabilities were as criminal as Trump that he did against democracy. There would be no MAGA, no lies, no violence, no revolt, no unnecessary death from a Trump coveted disaster, no collapsed economy or a balloon Trump debt and deficit if these disrespectful lawmakers stood up for democracy instead of power. Our democracy. History will tarnish their reputation and undo their failed attempts at American service.
Worthy, loyal patriot or criminal, narcissistic dictator?

President Biden inherited an America that was trashed financially and morally and frustrated by the worst person to be president of the United States. Despite the obstacles he inherited, he has created more jobs in the first part of his term than any other president in history. Wages have risen, the American Rescue Plan has provided families with the resources they need to get through Trump’s cowardly defeat, and a bipartisan infrastructure bill has been passed that Trump promised but never achieved. In addition, a bipartisan gun control bill passed the Senate this week, the first in 30 years. None of the “successes” that Trump’s Republican supporters applaud have solved the problems of minorities, the poor, the disabled, children, or women. The Trump family, Trump himself, the rich 1% and white fanatical Christians have benefited.

Inflation caused by the epidemic, Ukraine’s war with Russia and the global economic crisis is Biden’s biggest challenge. However, Biden is proving that she can multi-task and not lose a place in a woman’s right to choose, ethnic justice, the right to vote, global warming, the fight against poverty, programs for the disabled, and immigration reform. A potential victim of ADHD, Trump can only focus on one thing: how to retain power. Now that he has lost power, pretending to win the election is the main source of income from his naive supporters. He is a cult-leader of a generation whose fortunes seem to be running out.


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