The January 6 hearing this week revealed that Trump has played an active role

It is ironic that in the most obscure US history, CC has called Vice President Mike Pence a clown for carrying out his constitutional duties. Mike Pence chose to deny Trump’s pressure to do the illegal thing of rejecting the votes of millions of Americans, and in doing so became the target of murderous, rebellious mobs. Despite being aware that Trump incited the public to see him as a traitor to the country and to call for his assassination, Pence has fulfilled his constitutional duty and certified the official, democratically voting for Joe Biden. The so-called “wimp” showed courage and honesty on January 6, when the weak, bogus strong man lied about winning the election that his Republican lawyers, allies and judges told him he had lost! Criminal charges appear imminent for Trump because the evidence proves that Trump knew he had lost, knew the crowd was endangering the lives of Mike Pence and other members of Congress in the Capitol, and knew that his white supremacist, violent mob would believe “big lies” and violently. Will be willing to try to “stop stealing”. Any American who continues to support Trump despite his behavior and his move to attack the Capitol is guilty of crimes against democracy. Interviews with the rioters in the Capitol on January 7 revealed their racism, delusion, ignorance about democracy, Trump’s cultism and violent tendencies. Unfortunately, the extremist wing of the Republican base reflects the serious psychiatry of Donald Trump.
Throughout the Trump presidency, Mike Pence was an ally in support of Trump’s racist, aristocratic, anti-constitutional policies. Her ass-kissing was cruise-worthy and an embarrassing part of her tarnished political legacy. On January 6, however, Pence regained his courage, morality, and integrity and chose patriotism and self-respect over loyalty to the corrupt Donald Trump. The remaining Trump vice-presidents have undermined the integrity of self-proclaimed super-Christians. However, on January 6, Pence chose patriotism and the rule of law over Trump’s lacking, illegitimate plan to overturn the results of a legitimate American presidential election.n
This remark by the most conservative judge sitting on the bench should warn Republicans to reject Trump, his allies, the “big lie” and the entire MAGA movement.

During his testimony last week at the Jan. 6 committee hearing, retired Conservative Appellate Court Judge Michael Lutig referred to Donald Trump and his allies as “a clear and current threat to American democracy.” Lutig is a legendary, extremely famous conservative judge who is respected by his team. John Eastman, Trump’s attorney who plotted to overthrow Biden’s presidential victory, once worked as a clerk for Judge Lutig. In a June 16 NPR article, the former judge called Eastman’s legal views on the election “wrong at every turn.” The article also cites criticism from Ted Cruz, another former clerk of Judge Lutig, for supporting Trump’s plot to deny him election credentials. Judge Lutig is known for being extremely conservative and his opposition to Trump has been heard by many Republicans as a “big lie” and his rebellion. The NPR article cites two reasons why Lutig broke his party’s support for Trump and rigged the rigged election:

  • The Republican National Committee’s resolution called those associated with bogus voters “involved in legitimate political discourse” and denounced delegates Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for their role on the House panel;
  • And Trump’s outspoken attack on Pence says he can’t overturn the election and his criticism of the RNC on Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

The hearings continue until January 6, when evidence of crimes committed during and after Trump’s time was released They include:

  • Supervise and coordinate an illegal plan to overturn the 2020 election
  • Has deceived its voters to donate to the Election Defense Fund which did not exist
  • The United States has been accused of rigging the election by deliberately lying about the election being stolen from him
  • Asked Georgia election officials to find enough votes to turn Georgia’s election upside down

Witnesses at the committee’s hearing were all prominent career Republicans who acknowledged that Trump was corrupt and dangerous. This investigation is not magical. Instead, it is a bipartisan effort to stop the scandal and neutralize the power of Trump and his constituents who have turned against democracy and supported the transition to dictatorship, as long as the dictator Trump remains. Fortunately, we are seeing a slow but inevitable fall of Trump by his former political allies.

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