The Internet remembers last year’s Orange offensive #MemorialDay tweet

Who can forget last year’s #MemorialDay tweet of Kamala Harris?

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It was a real hummingbird and angered so many people that they brought it back this year, so no one will ever forget how bad it was.

Here is what Kamala said in her tweet: “Enjoy the long weekend.”

Wow, how deep, Mrs. Vip. Thanks.


And then, to make matters worse, he posted a picture of himself.

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I mean, can you get more tone-deaf than that?

Men and women who sacrifice their lives by posting a sexy picture of the weekend and themselves have nothing to forget, right?

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We are led by Communist Buffon.

Here’s what people in the past and present said about this nightmare #MemorialDay tweet:

“Remember who our leader is!”

“Oh my God, is this really a real tweet? I thought it was a joke meme. Holy sh * t ”

“Still a legendary Memorial Day weekend post, for all the wrong reasons.”

“Never forget what this idiot said.”

“He’s the worst, and he’s got a lot going for him.”

The VP of the United States delivered his Memorial Day speech. This is an insult and an embarrassment. “

“Never forget this disgusting tweet. I’m sure many families have received the folded flag, they will ask for a word, orange. “

“Hahahaha daily reminders that we have installed as VP LOL”

“I thought every time I saw it floating on the internet it was Photoshop. It’s not, yes.”

“I still can’t believe it. It shakes my mind. ”

Annual Reminder – Our Disability VP Made a memorable weekend about him “

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I wonder if the staffer who actually posted that tweet still has a job?

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