The initial goal of the January 6 hearing is to prevent me from running in 2024

Former President Donald Trump has claimed that the primary goal of the Democrats in holding a hearing on violence in the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 is to prevent him from running for re-election in 2024.

President Biden, however, seems to be getting nervous about Trump’s return. Mr Biden told an organized Labor meeting on Tuesday that despite low job approval rates and 40 years of high inflation, Mr Trump had plunged the economy into an epidemic-related disaster.

“What do you think our economy was like before we took power?” In Philadelphia, Mr. Biden says. “Under the last person, 3,000 Americans die every day from covid and 20 million Americans lose their jobs.”

“So many Americans have lost their jobs that my predecessor became the second president in history to leave office with fewer jobs than he did,” Mr. Biden said of Mr. Trump. However, the other one was Herbert Hoover. “

Towards the end of Monday, Mr. Trump released a 12-page statement calling the January 6 House Committee’s work a “kangaroo court.” He claims Democrats are trying to divert attention from the economic crisis to prevent him from returning to office.

“It’s basically an attempt to resist a man who is leading with a huge majority against both Republicans and Democrats to run for president again.”

Mr. Biden’s remarks at the Labor Conference also reminded the audience of the emergency food banks that were frequently used to help people who lost their jobs during the epidemic under Mr. Trump’s administration.

“Do you think huge rows of automobiles stretch for miles to get food boxes?” Mr. Biden asked. “It wasn’t just poor people; It was middle-class people, and there were a lot of good cars on that line. “And, while all this was going on, America made more billionaires in 2020 than at any other year in history. What a contrast between the two. That is what we have inherited from our forefathers. “

Mr. Trump claims that under Mr. Biden, Americans have deteriorated in less than two years, citing a shortage of $ 5 fuel and baby formula.

“Our country was developing, our economy was strong, and gasoline prices were very low when I was in office,” Mr. Trump added. “Under Trump’s presidency, America prospered.”

“Democrats have caused record inflation, high gas prices, energy dependence on our opponents, the education system is in crisis, illegal aliens are invading our borders, the supply chain has crippled our livelihoods, parents can’t get baby formula.” “The mandate has crippled businesses, and government regulations have shattered our way of life,” he said.

As stocks continued to fall on Monday, the S&P 500 entered a bear market after falling more than 20% from its high at the beginning of the year. In early trading on Tuesday, the stock was neutral.

According to Mr. Trump, the United States is being “destroyed” by Mr. Biden. “Democrats know I’m going to fix everything, and they’re doing their best to stop me – but we’re not going to stop,” Mr. Trump said.

Chairman of the committee, Mississippi Democrat Rep. Benny G. Thompson announced Monday that the panel would not bring criminal charges against Mr. Trump in the judiciary.

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