The influence of Donald Trump is slipping. His political revenge visit failed on Tuesday

Conservatives Brian Kemp and Brad Rafensberger have won their primary despite Trump’s attempts to humiliate them for being loyal to democracy. Following Trump’s tiring “big lie” has begun to lose. Democrats, Republicans and Independents know he tried to steal the election and continue to gaslight his innocent followers to convince Democrats that “Rhinos” stole it from him. He is a reckless, worthless, preacher, faded Political Image This Opportunistic Republican member of Congress Those who are giving Trump Power. IF These lawmakers will choose the country based on their interests, be honest with their voters about how dangerous Trump is to democracy, and end their inconsistency.

Trump-backed candidates in Idaho and Nebraska also lost their primary on Tuesday. The retaliatory / “big lie” tour that Trump is conducting is both annoying and disturbing. From a psychological point of view, Trump’s weak ego is defending itself against his sense of humiliation about losing the election. His race-based, white-collar, anti-constitutional, debt / deficit ballooning presidency voted him out of office after a term. Her child-like insecurity, disability, and narcissism are evident in people who know the difference between normal and abnormal behavior and thinking. Unfortunately, politics lends itself to corruption on both sides. However, the MAGA-Trump philosophy has transformed the Republican Party into a power-hungry, racist, misogynistic, religious-extremist, conspiracy theorist movement that is undermining the Constitution, spreading hatred and promoting ultra-partisanship. This alt-right movement worships guns, money, and power, human dignity and human life. Trump has been promoting violence since taking office.

The GOP has not abandoned Trump, they have embraced and encouraged him. Gun-worship, Second Amendment fanatics and NRA-controlled representatives resulted in the massacre of 19 more innocent children at a Texas school and 10 blacks in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, by 18-year-olds who had simple, legal rights. Access to assault weapons. The fact that Trump candidates may lose their bids for office could be a sign that voters are fearing for their own lives and those of their families..

Since the National Rifle Association owns the Republican Party leadership and most GOP members of Congress bow to it for political contributions, 18-year-olds cannot legally buy a beer, but can buy enough ammunition to kill multiple assault weapons and promises. Genocide of children, innocent people shopping for groceries and worshipers in temples and churches. Trump is slowly losing control of the GOP. His announcement about winning an election that most people know he lost seems crazy and even more tragic than before. He supports disqualified, disqualified candidates in Congress for one reason: To fill the government with corrupt puppets that will support legislation that restricts the rights of minorities, women, immigrants, and transforms the constitution into a documentary DTAT.

Maybe that’s why voters are opposing Trump’s preferred candidates who are just as corrupt and incompetent as him. Attacks on women’s rights and support for gun laws that are massacring people could be game changers that will free America from the Trump, dangerous MAGA movement, And corrupt friends like Kevin McCarthy, Lindsay Graham, And Marjorie TaleOr Green. Imagine a cabinet consisting of Marjorie Taylor Green, The Pillow Guy Mike Lindell, Steve Bannon, Rudy Guiliani., Witch Doctor Memet Ozed!

The public hearing of the committee on January 6 is starting on June 9 Pay attention, Americans. Put party affiliation aside, and when information about crimes committed against our country is presented, leave the MAGA and look for candidates that we can trust that will protect our independence and keep us safe.

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