The independent journalist feared for his life after reporting Jan. 6 “I’m not

Something is going on with an independent journalist by the name of Taylor Hansen.

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I heard that there was an Indie Jarno who was scared for his life after reporting on a lot of J6’s “internal work”.

A reporter from The Blaze wrote a tweet saying that her best friend was scared for her life, but it wasn’t said who she was, so I went to look for her … and it didn’t take me long to find out who she was. To talk.

Her name is Taylor Hansen, and the moment I saw her tweets, I just remembered who she was.

I actually did a piece on a story he unveiled about January 6th – how the “hanging stage” event was almost not as “terrifying” as the media made them.

They actually had quite a “playful” look.

Taylor was also inside the Capitol on Jan. 6 and has a ton of footage. He was standing next to unarmed Ashley Babbitt when he was shot.

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So, I was very interested to see what Taylor was worried about, and although he wasn’t specific, he said that “weird things” were happening to him and others who were reporting on J6.

Now, obviously, I don’t know if that’s true, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it is, isn’t it?

Among others, the death of “Seth Dhani” has frightened many people, it is understood.

What a strange situation that was, wasn’t it?

And now Taylor is scared …

Here is what he said in a series of tweets:

A lot of weird things are happening to me and other people who are vocal about January 6th .. What could not be clearer is what is happening, seems to be clearing up in 2023 before the 14,000-hour release. If anything, you know the truth.

I find it unacceptable that as a journalist in America I am worried for my life. Not from the riots or incidents that I cover, but from the federal government. With more than 20 people dead, some people will have to start asking questions in a suspicious manner on January 6th.

I’m healthy. I am full of life and love my work. I don’t struggle with suicidal thoughts. If you do, please call this hotline: 800-273-8255

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“Equip yourself and protect yourself. We support you.”

“I’m betting 14,000 hours of video are gone or accidentally deleted”

“Keep an eye on the back of your head, Taylor. Pray for your safety.”

“We’re living in a really terrible time.”

These are really scary times. We see that the Biden regime treats Americans who disagree with them as “political dissidents.”

Similar to the mentality in communist countries like North Korea and China.

J6 is sick of believing what is happening with the prisoners, and I don’t know if Taylor is in any real danger, I know a lot of people are seeing what’s happening lately and feel very uncomfortable.

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I understand why he said that in public.

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