The Handler’s Running Biden’s Twitter account has just been renamed “New”

Remember when Joe Biden was running for president from his Delaware basement, and he said that when he was president, Buck would stop with him and he wouldn’t blame anyone for the problem, he would take responsibility for everything.

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Well, don’t pan that out, is it? Joe has taken zero responsibility for everything that went wrong under his geriatric watch.

But in all fairness, Joe has gone so far, I don’t think he remembers saying it, so maybe we can relax him a bit, but what about his handlers?

They still have their wits about them, don’t they? Type, type? A tiny part?

Okay, that’s hard to say, because the handlers who run his Twitter account have remade a new one for another shocking tweet about the high price of petrol.

In a tweet, where they are pretending to be Joe Biden, handlers are instructing gas stations to reduce their prices because it is time for “war” and “global destruction” or something like that.

At the end of this cruise tweet, the handlers get really hard about lowering the price by typing “Joe” and saying “do it now.”

Ha ha ha ha. Oh, Lord

Joe, don’t get tense and don’t be too hard, you can make your britch stink …

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Painfully awkward.

Here’s what the handlers wrote: “My message is simple to the companies that run gas stations and set prices at pumps: this is a time of war and global crisis. Reduce the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the price you are paying for the product. And do it now. “

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Two parties run the Biden party: the old, 90s politician and the nervous “Wick” millennium.

This is a complete and complete disaster.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Someone dropped Joe off for his sleep. He’s knocking.”

“Wow, that’s not OPEC anymore!” This is no longer Saudi Arabia! It’s not Putin anymore! It’s not a big oil anymore! It’s a gas station! “

“Dear purple-haired intern who wrote this: – Gas station owners shout out that you don’t understand the world – Whose policies brought” this time of war and global danger? “

“He’s gone from sniffing kids now, to giving up gas fumes.”

“It’s war time” ??? Who are we fighting against? Who voted for it? “

“Can anyone tell this dumb, old fool that the United States is not at war, please?”

“You have stopped domestic production and caused prices and then you are going to buy products from Russia. The boys you call are “enemies”. All this to protect your dumb boy, however. Since she has pictures with underage prostitutes in China. ”

“Here is the situation. When it comes to gas prices, we are going through an incredible change that is happening, God willing, when it is over, we will be stronger and when it is over, the world will be stronger and less dependent on fossil fuels. “~ Biden”

“That’s great. Just now. If this is the right view of our country’s top thinking, the situation is going to get worse.”

“And whose policies cause war and global danger, you fool?”

“He is extremely brave to blame the gas station owners after shutting down that pipeline and banning Russian oil. Also, America is not at war, there is Ukraine. ”

“Thank you for making sure you’re a fool.”

“When did I miss the congressional declaration of war?”

“Oh, whose battle is this Joe? Has Congress approved it ?? Did I miss that? Can any member of Congress confirm that? “

“Biden is now instructing businesses to destroy their revenue streams. Most of these businesses (gas stations) are owned and operated by families, often immigrant families. Biden doesn’t worry about immigrant families. He only cares about his family. ”

Good lord, who didn’t blame this guy?

A couple of days ago, he was again blaming Putin.

Before that was Saudi Arabia.

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Now it’s a gas station… but it’s never him, or the fact that he’s overturned President Trump’s highly successful energy policies.

I can’t stand this guy.

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