The famous B&W “Easter photo” by historian Russell Lee was taken and colored

Today, as I was searching for interesting things to share with you on the Internet, I came across one of the best photographs I’ve ever seen.

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It’s called the “African American Boys at Easter Sunday Morning.”

There was a white man named Russell Lee, the photographer. He took the picture in 1941 on the south side of Chicago.

I’ve never seen this photo, but I’m glad I stumbled upon it today.

The original black-and-white photo is amazing enough, but boy, do I have a bigger treat for you …

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Not only did I stumble upon this gorgeous photo, I also found a truly amazing historian. Marina Amaral And he’s an artist himself.

Marina took a picture of this stunning 1941 Russell Lee and painted it, and this picture came to life.

I found some information about this classic Americana photo and I wanted to share it with you. John Mason, a photo historian, says:

This is one of my favorite photos. I love kids, clothes, cars and moments. It’s April 1941, Easter Sunday, and the five Poise black boys are in control of the situation as much as the photographer, a white man named Russell Lee.

At the time, Lee was working for the Firm Security Administration [FSA] Epic Documentary Photography Project. Although most of the FSA photography was related to the organization’s efforts to improve the lot of poor farmers and farm workers, in the early 1940’s it gave some of its focus to American cities.

The five boys represent the various African-American communities in Chicago, where poverty and prosperity coexisted. Although the majority of black Chicagoans were poor (many immigrated from the South, fled racism, and sought economic opportunities), the city was also home to a confident black middle class. You can see some of that confidence in Lee’s photo.

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Here is a closeup of the photos:



Russell Lee is one of the most admired American photographers of the twentieth century.

See more photographs of her here.

What an amazing piece of history this photo is.

But Marinai has brought it to life for me … and she has brought to life many photos and moments of history.

Mariner has a substack, where he shares the job of coloring photos, and his talent is off the charts.

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I encourage you to check out what else he has done Here.

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