The Dames are doing everything to distract from 2022, but they’ve just got a hellova

The Democrat Party is floating in front of our eyes.

They are now at a stage of political reckoning.

They have moved far away from the dark side, where radical fringe shots are calling. Now, the only way to get them back is to make a major shift toward the center.

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It will be a tough fight to get back, and I don’t know if they will be able to do it anytime soon – the Cuckoo Party hijacked.

And they will pay the price in the 2022 ballot box for this obscene fundamentalism.

Experts everywhere have predicted that the medium term will be terrible for Dames, but what is happening in court is actually worse than what experts are predicting in the vote.

This is their biggest push.

Axios reports that early redistribution victories for Democrats are breaking across the map, deepening fears of a party defeat in mid-November elections.

According to Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman, the courts have ruled out some of Dames’ biggest gains, including in New York – where the GOP could win up to 11 House seats in a single red wave.

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The party’s heavyweights, including House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler (DN.Y.) and House Oversight Chair Caroline Maloney (DN.Y.) – will now be pitted against each other in the disputed primary.
Republicans are licking their chops on a Florida map that could take them an extra four seats.
The big picture: Dames was already in big trouble for the medium term – with an empty congressional majority, disappointing approval ratings for President Biden, and historic trends in favor of removing the party from power.

New York, Maryland and Illinois – with favorable court action in Alabama, Ohio and Pennsylvania – have given Democrats some reason to celebrate.
That optimism is now unfolding: “The legal hurdles and losses that Democrats have faced in the last three months are astonishing,” Wasserman said.


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At a time when some courts thought the Democrats favored killing blue germanders, Republican germanders have been able to stand in other states, including Florida, Kansas and Ohio.

In Florida, Governor Ron Descent’s offensive map is now seen as likely to hold sway, possibly allowing Republicans to pick four extra seats.

Despite the lower court ruling rejecting the map earlier, a GOP-painted germander survived in Kansas. Missouri has also largely finalized its own map for Republicans.

In Ohio, GOP reorganization commissioners have largely ignored state Supreme Court orders to redraw their gerimandered maps, which could give Republicans an extra seat while knocking out two Democrats.

The bottom line is that Demra has a lot of problems, according to the map, and according to the policy. But their biggest problem at the moment is an old man who looks and hears that he should be in an old age home… the ghost of Buffon Biden will haunt every nation above and below the ballot.

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But we cannot rest on our laurels.

We have to flood the vote, because we know one thing about the Dames, they won’t stop at nothing to hang on to power, so we can’t do less than one bit.

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