The “crisis” talks have begun, as Demra desperately tries and persuades Biden

Dames is ready to resign for Biden.

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Ideally, they want him to announce that he is not running for a second term after midterm, but will he?

I don’t think so.

Joe is a narcissistic, stubborn old crook. And he’s the only person in the United States who doesn’t realize he’s got Alzheimer’s.

Joe thinks he’s doing an amazing job, it’s me and you who can’t be noticed being too “slow and confused”.

He further added that he has actually won 81-million legal votes and is the only person who can defeat the invincible President Trump.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

More news: [VIDEO] A very upset-off Bill O’Reilly has unveiled a move by Biden to rapidly weaken the United States.

So, Dames has stopped working for them, and now, as Biden’s vote continues to dwindle, “crisis talks” have begun.

Radar Online reports that Democratic officials are secretly conspiring to persuade President Joe Biden to stand aside and deny his intention to run in 2024, Radar has learned.

Dozens of “frustrated” officials, including members of Congress, have turned to Biden and do not believe he can rescue the rallying party and take the fight to the Republicans.

The dramatic behind-the-scenes infighting was cited in a New York Times bombshell report quoting “about 50 Democratic officials from county leaders to members of Congress” who all agree that they are “extremely pessimistic about an immediate way forward.”

Dissatisfied Democrat power brokers believe that repeated failures to pass legislation, four decades of high inflation and rising gas prices are to blame for Biden’s ratings not approving.

As previously reported, frustration and tension within the White House have grown as Biden’s hopes of a political revival have become even more unlikely.

The Biden administration is currently overwhelmed by a number of challenges – including rising inflation, fuel prices, the ongoing war in Ukraine, a possible Supreme Court reshuffle of Roe v. Wade, and a country divided over gun protection laws.

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With the midterm elections fast approaching, Biden is ticking off the clock to prove to the nation that he can overcome the daunting challenges of his first term in office. But a stunning twist, the coup attempt on Biden, 79, being introduced by a mob of faceless men and women!

The New York Times quoted the source as saying, “Mr Biden is reluctant to talk on the record about his future.”

“No one interviewed expressed any unusual desire for Mr. Biden,” the Times said, adding that “they are publicly grateful to him for removing Trump from office.”

Democrats who were brave enough to speak out have not downplayed their heinous allegations against the Biden administration.

Steve Simeonides, a member of Miami’s Democratic National Committee, told the New York Times: “Our country is on the right track. Biden should “announce his intention not to be re-elected in ’24, just after midterm,” Simonidis complained.

Biden has repeatedly said he hopes to run again in 2024, an angry position that sets a showdown between the team’s legendary personality and its new founding.

Good luck getting this guy to go quietly to the sunset.

This is why I’m sure Dames will use the GOP to impeach him or threaten to impeach him if he agrees to leave.

In the meantime, their biggest problem is named Kamala Harris. He’s just as unpopular as Joey, probably more so, and they don’t want him to be the Dame Party’s successor.

There are rumors that Demra wants Mayor Pete, Elizabeth Warren or Amy Clobachur for 2024.

Good lord.

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They will need a much bigger virus and a lot more mail-in ballots so that any one of these people could happen …

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