The “big lie” is not the claim of fake voter fraud … that’s it, according to The

The media, the GOP Establishment Hacks and Dames have tried their best to convince Americans that 2020 is a valid US election.

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Those who question, worry, or do not believe that this was the most fair election of all countries have been satanic, ridiculed, and silenced.

People like Chris Wallace actually attacked someone who suggested that Biden was not legal, as if he were a hired personal bodyguard.

All of 2020’s defenses were bizarre, at the top, seemed really, really compelling, and only made people more suspicious.

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And then they called it “The Big Lie.” That’s right, if you talk about the 2020 election fraud, you are spreading “The Big Lie”.

Give me a break. Dames spent 4 years unnecessarily cheating on Russia.

But yes, they’ve really been working overtime for over a year now, convincing all of us that an election, including the Tsunami of Willie-Nelly mail-in ballot, is perfectly fair and up and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Has received the most votes from any U.S. politician in history.

I couldn’t even type that line without turning my eyes.

Seriously, if you believe that story, there is something wrong with your critical thinking skills.

Fortunately, poll after poll shows that most Americans are not buying elections that sell media, dams and GOPs.

And speaking of voting, we have one more thing to add.

Here are the results of Rasmussen’s vote:

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“How likely is it that fraud will affect the outcome of the 2020 election?” Probably, as a group: All -55% Representative -77% Ind-53% Dem-36%

So, the truth is: claiming 2020 to be “fair” is actually the biggest lie, and I’m not saying that.

That American people are talking … loud and clear.

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We are not as stupid as they think we or we should be …

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