The anti-American food network star has been told to “pack up and move” if he is.

Food network host Valerie Bartinelli hates the United States.

He keeps cleaning it up, every time a new problem pops up. He attacked the first thing and trash the United States.

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On May 24, Valerie released the tweet, claiming that the United States is not the “greatest country” in the world.

This is the latest incident in a Texas school shooting.

Exactly one month later, on June 24, Valerie posted this tweet by SCOTUS in response to Rowe v. Wade’s verdict:

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Well, the Americans are now telling Valerie to put an egg in her shoe, and to hit it … In other words, pack up and go, lady:

“I challenge you to find a country you can call the greatest and rush to live there.”

“The food network star is sitting in his multi-million dollar home complaining against the United States. If it’s so scary here, why doesn’t he leave? ”

“I challenge you to find a country you can call the greatest and rush to live there.”

“Please, by all means, sell your িয়ন 7 million home and live somewhere else … we’ll all be fine”

“Go to a country that thinks it’s the greatest! I’ll help you pack. “

“I’ve finished watching any of these communist host shows on the Food Network.”

“Celebrities are ruining their careers with social media, and I love watching it.”

“There are doors. Feel free to use it and take your silly recipes with you”

“It’s been great for you, Miss Millionaire, isn’t it?”

“There are 194 more countries to choose from. Get it here. “

“Hey Valerie, if you don’t like it here in America, just find it. Please don’t come back.”

“Why don’t people like Valeries, who have so much money, move away? Oh, I know why, because they can’t live such a wonderful life anywhere else. ”

“Okay, then here’s a suggestion for you. Pack a bag and take your sorry donkey to the country of your choice. Goodbye Buh “

“Go to Ukraine, Valerie, let’s see how long you stay there.”

Apparently, Mr. Bartenelli hates America, yet he still wakes up every day in his huge, multi-million dollar home and is ready to go to work on his many fancy cooking show sets.

Looks like the United States has gotten better, right?

But he still hates it.

So, with all his money, I wonder why he stays here? He can go anywhere …

If it’s so bad, why doesn’t he go somewhere else?

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Take a position Val, and do the right thing …

Pack up and go to Ukraine, which you supported with fever a month ago, but now suddenly forgot.

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