The 34-year-old bride died in her sleep the night before her wedding

What’s going on?

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So many young people are dying suddenly that I literally can’t keep up with the stories.

I just passed by doing 3 different things, and then I saw it and knew I had to share it.

It often happens that people are now calling it “SADS” or “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”.

Many of these people are just going to be and will never wake up.

The thing that gets me is why aren’t people asking obvious questions here?

Has there been a “change” lately that could have led to this sudden death of a young, healthy person?

Instead of asking this very normal and appropriate question, the media is simply reporting on the stories and saying something like, “He had a great life and will miss it.”

I’m sorry, what?

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And now, just hours before dawn, this beautiful bride died suddenly.

She is survived by a grieving fiance and a sweet little baby.

It’s horrible.

Radar Online reports that X-Factor alum Tom Mann is mourning the devastating loss to his daughter, Dani Hampson, who died hours before her husband and wife.

“I can’t believe I’m writing these words but my dear Dani – my best friend, my everything and much more, the love of my life – died on Saturday morning, June 18,” the actor wrote in a photo caption with Hampson with their son.

“The happiest day of our lives ended in an irreversible heartbreak,” he continued. Sharing that he cried a “sea” in the wake of his sudden death, Mann expressed grief that never happened.

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“We never went to the altar; Either we have to promise, or we have to dance the first dance, but I know that you are my whole world and the best thing that has ever happened to me, Daniel, “the lyricist called him” the brightest light of all. Room. “

He was 34, learned radar, and the cause of death was not disclosed.

Assuming it’s not murder or suicide, it’s not normal, people.

It’s not normal for a healthy 34-year-old to die in their sleep, right?

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We need to know what is happening and someone has to look at all these cases and see if there is a commonality.

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