The 17-year-old daughter of the Dame representative said good night to her family, then died suddenly

Many young, healthy people are dying lately.

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And it should concern everyone, and there should be a thorough investigation of what is happening and see if these deaths, any of them, are linked, and can be linked to a specific “subject” that has somehow changed or happened, so ?

You think it will happen, but it doesn’t.

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Now, I don’t know what happened to this last young woman, and why she died suddenly in her sleep.

That’s not right.

And by the way her father, Illinois rapper Shawn Castin, described the night before his daughter’s death, everything seemed normal.

TMZ reports that U.S. Republican Shawn Kasten is talking about the sudden death of his 17-year-old daughter Gwen… he says he went to bed Sunday night and never woke up.
The Illinois congressman posted a touching tribute to his late daughter on Wednesday, revealing the moments leading up to her tragic and unexpected death.

Rep. Kasten said Nguyen went out for a few hours with some friends after dinner with the family on Sunday night, returned home, said good night to his parents, texted a friend and did not wake up the next morning.
Shawn said the only thing the family knew about Gwen’s death was that it was “peaceful.” Kasten’s office announced Tuesday that Nguyen was dead, but there were few details at the time.

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Nguyen recently graduated from high school and is preparing for admission to the University of Vermont, where Rep. Kastein says he is going to study environmental science.
Correspondent Kasten says Gwen’s sudden death teaches a powerful lesson – enjoy every moment with loved ones.

It is noteworthy that the rap. Kasten is pushing the vaccine for Americans 12 years of age or older in his state.

Obviously, I don’t know the history of her daughter’s treatment, but what happened to her is heartbreaking, and I hope that there will be a deep, and honest investigation into how this young woman lost her life before it actually started.

Her parents deserve it.

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Our hearts and prayers are with them.

It is unthinkable to bury a child. I don’t care what your politics is, I will pray for you and send you love and peace.

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