The 11-year-old student covered himself in the blood of his classmates to avoid death

After one of these horrific murders, you always hear these amazing stories of survival and they are so inspiring and comforting because you find a way to deal with all these monstrous horrors mentally and emotionally.

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And one of those stories involves an 11-year-old little girl who was in the classroom where the killer was being held, murdered by people. And he covered himself in blood and survived by playing dead.

TMZ reports that a relative called an 11-year-old student at Rob Elementary School in Texas a “classical mode” after seeing a classmate shot by a gunman, and spilled another girl’s blood all over her body. Show that he is also dead.

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It’s scary to imagine, but Mia Cerillo is now suffering from extreme trauma after taking action to save her life.

Her aunt, Blanca Rivera, went to the KPRC and explained how her niece “played dead”.

According to Rivera, the 4th grader picked up her teacher’s phone – who had also been shot – and called 911.

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The genocide worsened for survivors after learning that law enforcement had not entered the building for more than an hour after the initial attack. Authorities did not give a clear answer explaining the delay, as officers were present almost immediately but did not enter until the body armor was reinforced.

There was a point when the 18-year-old gunman started firing through a school window, yet police apparently did not retaliate in an attempt to neutralize him.

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The desire to survive is amazing. God bless that little girl, and thank God she was able to think so quickly and critically in such a frightening moment.

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