Terrible new details have surfaced in the “police response” to the Texas school shooting

There is something very broken within the Uvalde Police Department.

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I don’t care how strongly you “Blue Back the Blue,” this situation involving local police and school shootings is horrible and getting worse in minutes.

Here’s what we know, thanks to local law enforcement officers who went on record:

19 police officers – one for every murdered child – were staged outside the classroom. 78 minutes had passed before they entered. There was the sound of gunfire, and the children repeatedly called 911 from inside.

Now, new details of the training that these officers received just two months ago have come out, and you won’t believe it.

According to a New York Times reporter, here’s what officers were told to do in the event of a mass shooter:

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“In the last two years, the Uvalade school district has organized at least two active-shooter training days. One of them just two months ago. The training included both classroom learning and role-playing scenes in the school hallway (below). “

The Uvalde training session relied on guidelines 2 months ago that gave officers a clear expectation of an active shooter response. Training is clear: time is of the essence. “The first priority is to move forward with the attacker and confront him.”

But how will the officers deal with the gunman? With a tactical team? Training says this is probably not possible, because the urgency is so high. A single officer, the training says, may have to deal with the suspect himself.

The guidelines provide clear clarity: First officers can risk their lives. It does, however, prioritize innocent life. “A person who is reluctant to put the lives of innocents above his own safety should consider another profession as a first responder.”

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Here is the whole thread:

Obviously, when it was most important, it didn’t happen. Police did not follow protocol or training.

Officers refused to enter and engage the shooter and waited an hour for the “strategic” team to arrive, when innocent children needed their help.

A police spokesman said officers did not want to be “shot dead”.

No one wants to be shot, especially 4th graders who haven’t signed up for jobs to protect and serve others.

Also, police in Uvalade issued an unreasonable statement about the shooting, stating:

“Our entire department is grateful that the officers did not receive any life-threatening injuries.”

Very inappropriate.


Officials now tearfully admit that not entering the classroom was a “mistake.”


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A former law enforcement officer, John Cardillo Put it best:

“Every member of Uvalade PD who responded and refused to take action should be put to death and publicly embarrassed. There should be no cowardly police. ”

Governor Abbott has ordered a full investigation into the matter.

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