“Stop this nonsense”

When Dames focuses on Uvalade, they ignore what happens every weekend in Chicago – a city with one of the strongest gun control systems in the country.

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They ignore what happens in Chicago because it doesn’t fit their description. Chicago is a perfect example that “gun control” doesn’t really solve the problem, and Dames doesn’t want you to know that.

Just look at what happened on Memorial Day weekend …

This year, police say more than 50 people have been shot, nine dead, over the weekend.

About half of the victims were wounded in the west. Four people were shot dead in the city center.

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As of Monday morning, the shots were fired on Memorial Day weekend in 2021, when 37 people were shot, three of them dead.

And where is Joe Biden?

She’s slurping her tapioca pudding in the corner and saying nothing about this bleeding.

But a former 911 sender in Chicago has a lot to say, and he appeared on Fox News to blow up the city’s leadership with the “bloodbath” that occurred over the weekend.

The New York Post reports that the Chicago 911 senders are demanding accountability from the city leadership as bloodshed over Memorial Day weekend killed 38 people and injured dozens across the country.

The sender, Keith Thornton Jr., joined Fox & Friends First to discuss the significance of accountability for stopping widespread crime in Windy City. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, 51 people were shot in the city over the weekend, killing 10 people.

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“We need to stop talking nonsense,” Thornton Jr. told co-host Todd Piro. “We need someone who is going to take the position and say, you guys have to cut it, and if you don’t, that’s the responsibility and that’s what we’re going to do to you.”

“It’s not happening here,” he continued. “It’s not happening.”

Thornton Jr. insisted “nothing will change” unless the city leadership changes its soft approach to crime.

“It’s just a new generation of young people coming in nowadays without their parents and mentors, so that’s what’s happening,” said Thornton Jr. “But when you don’t have that accountability, it goes back. We don’t have that accountability, and you hurt the public service and the system city council in these cities, nothing will change. “

You can watch the video below:

How the Left Cherries choose their causes based on the political wind is really shameful and disgusting.

Joe Rogan got it right:

We should talk about mental health issues, nuclear families and the creation of training programs in inner cities, but instead, Mr. Magu is scattering around DC, claiming that the 9mm gun blows the lungs out of the human body and 2A “not absolute”.

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Apparently, Joe has forgotten what it means to “don’t violate.”

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