Speaking to the Secret Service, the source claimed that VP Biden would swim naked in front of him

I apologize if you have just eaten and are now ready to eat your food.

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The mere thought of Biden’s emaciated, frail body in a full display in the backyard pond of a house is enough to keep me stuck in my pancreas, so imagine how the female Secret Service agents who had to guard this perverted old Buzard felt?

In 2014, a book came out from a former SS officer, claiming that those within the agency who worked on Biden’s details claimed that he would swim naked in front of female agents and that it would make them feel extremely uncomfortable.

Gee, thinking ??


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In 2014, US News reported that Vice President Joe Biden enjoyed swimming without a bathing suit, claiming a new book.

According to Ronald Kessler’s “The First Family Detail”, Biden, who is flirting with the race for president in 2016, spotted secret service agents both at his Delaware home and at the vice president’s official residence in Washington, DC.

The book relies on names and anonymous sources to describe the life-savers of prominent politicians, including Biden, former President Ronald Reagan, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama.

“Agents say that, whether at the vice president’s residence or at his home in Delaware, Biden has a habit of swimming naked in his pool,” Kessler wrote in the book – for the August 5 release.
“Female secret service agents find it offensive,” she wrote.

“Biden likes to be honored as Joe every day,” an unnamed agent told Kessler. “But the reality is that no agent wants to go into details because Biden makes life so difficult for agents.”

In addition to the alleged skinny-skinning, agents are annoyed by frequent last-minute trips to Delaware.
A spokesman for Biden did not address the claims on record. A Secret Service spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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It sounds equally right with Joe, doesn’t it? And it also sounds like his horrible crackhead boy.

Hunter always walks around naked in all his gross videos and pictures.

Must be a “biden thing”.

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Rotten apples did not fall away from the tree with this heinous pair.

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