Soros is moving forward again and this time he is focused on 2022 and a certain direction

Okay, this is another election year, so you know fierce communist George Soros is pulling out his checkbook.

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I know what you’re thinking … “My God, how on earth is this dustbin of bones still alive ??” … I know, I thought the same thing. At the moment it is becoming almost ridiculous. Who is he? 200 years old now?

It seems so.

And as always, he has an eye on an important nation and a highly controversial politician, and he’s ready to pump this doll full of cash to help him win the race.

So, who is it?

Well, it’s none other than Stacey Abrams.

The Western Journal reports that billionaire financier George Soros has donated more than মিল 1 million to help Democratic former Georgia State Republican Stacey Abrams get a second chance to become governor of the state.

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News of Soros’s bankrolling Abrams’ second governorate bid was first published by Fox News.

Democracy PAC II has donated $ 1 million to Georgia Inc., Soros’s campaign financing vehicle, according to Federal Election Commission records.

One Georgia Inc. is a leadership committee formed to assist Abrams in his bid to become governor, according to court documents. However, neither One Georgia Inc. nor Abrams has publicly acknowledged its existence, Fox News reported.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the committee suspended its activities in April after ruling under state law that Abrams must win the Democratic nomination in late May before resuming its activities.

Soros’s Federal Election Commission records show that the address listed as One Georgia Inc. is the same as the address of Abram’s campaign committee, which was posted on his campaign website.

The Democratic Governors Association-Georgia and Abrams-affiliated Fairfight PCO One have donated money to Georgia Inc.

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DGA-Georgia pays জ 1 million to One Georgia Inc. March 11 – the same day Soros also donated to One Georgia Inc., Fox News reported. Three days later, Fairfight PAC One paid Georgia Inc. $ 1.5 million in wires, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Once upon a time Georgia Inc. When Abrams resumes its activities, when and if Abrams officially wins the Democratic nomination, the company will have about $ 3.5 million in its account.

In addition to the money currently being sent to the suspended leadership committee, Soros and his relatives paid about $ 60,000 to the Abrams campaign earlier this year, according to Fox News. There were three donations, totaling 19,700 each, given to Soros and his two children, Alexander and Andrea.

George is probably feeling frustrated right now because many of his radical “defend the police” prosecutors are on fire.

But the point here is, they’ve already done a lot of damage to the country, so it’s best to fight on the battlefield now before George wins.

Things will get complicated at GA, as Kemp has a good shot at winning, even though Trump backed Purdue.

Will MAGA refuse to support him if he wins the camp primary and paves the way for Soros-backed Abrams as governor?

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It could be.

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