So, Jill Joe’s wife or his bodyguard? Maybe both?

Well, another day, another Biden disaster কেবল the only thing common with this bowl filled with prison-o, who pretends to be “president.”

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I swear they will put this whole Joe Biden plot together and push the Dam Party back a decade or more. Everyone is tired of having an Alzheimer’s patient as a fake president… especially when his admin’s failed policies and extreme stupidity and incompetence are doing a lot of damage to the country.

Just look at this baby’s formula deficiency. We can be Venezuela now too … and while this is happening Jill Biden is embracing mothers in Ukraine and Joe Biden is trying his best to send another 40 billion to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, I just bought a normal-sized package of bacon that was a 14-buck-box.

But at the moment, it’s the baby formula that worries everyone – I don’t have babies, but I’m still really worried about the parents out there who are struggling to feed their babies. I watch videos of scared parents and it breaks my heart.

But does Joe Biden care?

You will be the judge …

More news: Michelle Obama just shakes up after Rap Boebert shows her “radical side”

See her reaction – or lack thereof, when a reporter asks her about the lack of a baby formula … Nurse Jill says nothing as she is dragged through the crowd.

Are these two clowns a complete and utter joke, and how much more insulting can these elites be to the American people?

You can watch the video below:

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This failure is a complete disaster, the joke of an admin.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Full-blown dementia and full-blown adult abuse”

“… Duh, what’s missing ??”

“Jill is wearing this outfit to her best Julia Andrews’ Maria von Trapp.”

“Notice how Nurse Jill is dragging her through the crowd LOL”

“His answer to everything is: silence. He doesn’t know what’s going on.”

“… wow … how embarrassing for both of you … embarrassing.”

“I’m glad I’m not president,” he muttered.

“80 million votes they say”

“He doesn’t know that he … haha”

“Our so-called leader is being” led “again … embarrassing and sad.”

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Nurse Jill was really her meat hook.

The last thing the handlers want is for Joe Biden to speak to the press without the net.

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