Smart Trump supporters have revealed a very dangerous difference between Carter

Today, the very left-leaning AP has released a biden poll so that he is in the “lowest of all time” position.

Biden’s approval in that “friendly vote” was an embarrassing 39 percent. But we all know it’s a lot less than that, don’t we?

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That poll tells people how Bumbling Joe Biden is the worst (fake) president in US history – which is very strange because I was told just a year ago that he is the most popular politician ever and has won 81 million legal votes.

Not sure how “math” works, but anyway …

With one catastrophe after another, Biden is narrowing the black hole of political irrelevance. The skid started with the withdrawal of Afghanistan and only continued: borders, gas prices, crime, economy, inflation, WW3, empty shelves, and now child formula nightmares.

But the real nail in Joey’s coffin is not his failure, it’s his brain. Joe Biden looks like he should be in a nursing home, not a White House. The American people see it, day after day, every time he opens his mouth, and it makes them uncomfortable and angry.

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They don’t want a leader who behaves like he has a ragging case of dementia. Not everyone who voted, especially “81 million” people

Thus, as “Carter / Biden” comparisons flooded the Internet, a girl named Jess had a very interesting adoption and pointed out a very dangerous difference between Biden and Carter.

The tweet is great. I don’t agree with that – I’ll explain why – but overall, this person nailed it.

Jess responded to this “carter-themed” tweet from former Newsmax host and conservative scholar John Cardillo:

Here’s what Jess said: “Why doesn’t anyone understand that Carter and his administration were well-meaning, but incompetent? Biden and his administration succeeded in corrupting and destroying. The border is not a crisis for them, it’s a success. Why do people label them ‘incompetent’?” Pass with?

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Well said, Jess. He is mostly right. Carter meant good, and he was a nice guy, that was over his head.

And he’s right that Tim Biden is really corrupt. They are communists and they will not stop at anything to hold on to power – even tanking the country, getting rid of the virus and stealing an election to win.

But they are also stupid fools. At the same time it is possible to be corrupt and evil, and foolish.

Believe me, Joe Biden was a dumbass ** throughout his career. Is he a “dangerous” dumbass? Sure. But he’s still a clown and a fool, and it’s important to call him and others that way.

Always make fun of the elite. It’s something they can’t handle in life.

And these buffoons don’t give too much credit.

Some of what is happening is by design, yes. But some are also by stupidity.

The elite live out of touch and in a bubble and they don’t understand how the average American feels, so when they take a step, they usually misread the result and when it fails, they are stunned, because everything explodes.

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So, it’s a mix of evil, counting, dumb and stupid.

And I guess that’s probably the most dangerous combo.

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