Sitting? You may not believe what Elon Musk’s next move might be … hint:

Elon Musk is taking this new “Republican” thing very seriously.

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The left-leaning billionaire is trying to buy the right-leaning free speech crusader Twitter.

The deal has been put on hold because Twitter is trying to quickly figure out how many “bots” there are on their platform.

Today, Twitter has finally agreed to Elon’s terms and will provide the necessary data to determine what is happening with the bot situation.

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In the meantime, it seems Elon’s work has more plans.

In a shocking twist, OANN CEO Robert Herring tweeted just one post, saying that someone close to Elon had arrived and that the Tesla founder was interested in buying a conservative cable network.

Wow, could that be real?

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Here is what CEO Robert Herring has just said:
He tells us he wants to talk to us about buying @OANN. “

If this is true then Elon Media seems to be interested in becoming a mogul.

This is not a bad idea; Since many conservatives would prefer an effective alternative to Fox News.

Many turned to Newsmax and OANN after Fox News sold out to everyone on election night, but many have since returned to Fox because, frankly, they have much more glamorous, high-quality products.

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It would be amazing if Elon could take OANN, who has a lot of heart and soul, and make it a real contender against Fox News, knowing that he is not our “friend”.

Stay tuned, we’ll see how it unfolds.

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