Since 2014, new theories have emerged about that mysterious Obama / Biden Tarmac photo

There’s a weird picture of Joe Biden and Barack Obama standing on a tarmac in PA in 2014.

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Why is it so strange?

Well, for a few reasons.

One is their plane in the background যে the way they parked it looks like Joe Biden was “summoned” by Obama at the airport.

After that their body language. Both men have their hands in their pockets, but Joe Biden looks submissive, and Obama, looking at the look on his face and the way he leans, seems aggressive.

The photo was taken by White House photographer and Obama-Seikofant Pete Souza.

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There are always many mysteries surrounding this film.

Why did two people meet with an assistant or staff in the vicinity of a Pittsburgh tram?

What is it with dems and tarmacs? Nothing good comes out of that meeting, does it?

But one of the biggest mysteries about this photo, why was it so important that Obama’s friend and former White House photographer chose it for the official photo gallery?

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

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Well, former White House stenographer Mike McCormick thinks he knows exactly what’s going on in the film… and that’s because of what happened on April 16th.

Mike took the substack, Where he wrote a really interesting part about the picture:

It was very significant to me that this photo was placed in the White House Photo Gallery in April because, to be honest, it was a non-descript photo. Two men standing in front of a Pittsburgh plane. There is not much drama in it. It doesn’t have too many provocative images. This is not a typical White House photo gallery photo. And I know a lot about them – I’ve seen them on the walls of the White House for 15 years as a stenographer.

If you look at this photo, you can see that the two people standing there are President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Biden looks at Barack Obama as Obama gets out of his limousine. Above Obama’s left shoulder is Air Force One. In the background and to its left, you can see the end of the tail of Air Force Two. It’s Joe’s plane. This is significant for me because this is what Barack Obama called Joe Biden for a face-to-face conference in a personal situation. There are no staff around. They are standing face to face on the tarmac.

And if you look at Joe, he’s a little bit submissive. He has a hand in his pocket. It’s almost like he’s hiding something, and I think that’s what’s happening. If you look at Barack Obama, he has these hands in his pockets. The body language here is for two men they don’t seem particularly excited or enthusiastic about anything. In fact, if I were to look at this, I would see the attitude of Barack Obama as a boss who leans over a subordinate and says, what’s going on?

Because I know what happened on April 16, 2014, very early. I know what Barack Obama was looking for outside of Joe Biden. I know what Joe Biden did later with his son Hunter and Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer. And then he got on a plane and went to a joint campaign event with Barack Obama to promote the community college. It’s 2014, they’re doing some campaigning. They’re doing something for the crowds in Pennsylvania, a serious state for them.

But here’s a picture of Pete Sujar. Why was this photo chosen as part of this photo gallery? And I think because Pete Souza is a very close confidante of Barack Obama. He was more of a friend than a photographer. Barack Obama went to the wedding of Pete Suzanne. Pete Souza and Barack Obama played iPhone Scrabble all day. And this is 2014, you have to understand, this is the tail end of Barack Obama’s presidency. He did not invest heavily in his presidency then – I can tell you from personal experience. He had a lot of interest in what his golf game was like. And to be honest, he spent a lot of time playing iPhone Scrabble with his photographer, which I still think is really weird. But that’s what these guys were.

So why did Pete Shuja take this picture? This is what I wrote in my book, Joe Biden Unauthorized and the 2020 Crackup of the Democratic Party. It came out of a meeting in the Roosevelt room earlier in the evening with Axelrod, Pluff, Messina, other senior advisers, and Barack Obama – but without Joe Biden or his staff.

So Barack Obama invested in David Axelrod to tell Joe Biden something, invested enough to instruct him, go to Joe Biden first thing in the morning. It is, or it did not happen. It’s hard to say because if you look at my book the way White House visitor logs identify the line item on Axelrod’s tour, it looks like a lot of information has been scrubbed. Much of the general information contained in the White House visitor log entry is missing. The only thing that has been recorded is the date, April 16th; Ceremony, breakfast; Site, VPR; And the name of David Axelrod. So you don’t know what — when he made the appointment. You do not know if he has entered or left. And you don’t know who he made the appointment with. This information is usually included in a White House visitor log. This is not the case for David’s visit to Axelrod in VPR, if it happens.

So the photo of this airport happened that afternoon where Joe Biden met his son and his son Burisma board member business partner in his office. And you will find in my substack that they talked a lot. When they left that meeting, and that was in my last substack, Hunter and Devon Archer put it on their calendars immediately – almost immediately after leaving that West Wing meeting with Joey, seemingly in the afternoon, about 2:00 this 16th April, 2014 On the date, they set up a phone call the next morning with Alexander Kovasniewski, the head of the board of Burisma Holdings. He is the same person who formally appointed Hunter and Devon Archer to the board, although Joe Biden apparently had much to say about the process, along with Kwasniewski, who was a close associate of Joe Biden in the Senate.

So there’s a lot of overlap on April 16th with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, Alexander Kovasniewski, Burisma Holdings, and now here’s this photo of Barack Obama relying on Joe. It seems to me that Obama is trying to convince Biden, you know, what’s really going on, Joe?

And I think Joe is lying to him. And I think Barack Obama knows Joe is lying to him. And Barack Obama did nothing to advance the investigation. I think he sent Axelrod there in the morning to find out what’s going on – what’s up with you and Burismar? Because at this point, much of it is going to Burisma Holdings on April 16, about five days before Joe landed in Ukraine with a packet of American aid.

And Mike continues to theorize that this is exactly why he thinks the picture was included in the official gallery … Pete was there with Obama that day and since the two were friends, Obama probably knows what’s happening to him and why Joe is being summoned there.

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This adds a lot of relevance to the picture for Pitt, who understands the backstory, and that is why he has included in the gallery a wonderful picture that many call it.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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