Should the US be concerned about Russia’s latest “World War 3” threat?

On Monday, hosts on Russian state TV said Vladimir Putin could “destroy the entire east coast of the United States” with just two missiles. It was the latest in a long line of frightening threats.

In a clip of Russia’s most popular campaign, a member of the Russian parliament boasted of the country’s military might and said that 2 million Ukrainians were “healthy.”

Alexei Zhuravlev, a politician, was joined on the talk show by Yevgeny Popov, host of the Russia 1 program and a fellow MP who spoke on behalf of the Russian government.

Lawmakers say it would take just two of Russia’s Sarmat “Satan 2” missiles to destroy the entire east coast of the United States. He added that it would take “just two missiles” to reach the west coast.

“After four missiles, nothing will be left. They think the mushroom cloud will be more than a high rise. “You’ll be able to see those mushroom clouds from Mexico,” Zhuravlev said.

The 208-ton RS-28 Sarmat missile, also called “Satan 2”, is as tall as a 14-story building and can hit its target at speeds of about 16,000 miles per hour. It is also known as “Devil 2”.

The bomb, which could destroy the world, could also carry 15 warheads and destroy an area the size of the United Kingdom in one blast.

Some people close to Putin have suggested that the Russian military could have as many as 50 surface-to-air missiles and even make the bizarre threat of using them to flood the United Kingdom in a tsunami.

Each of the 15 nuclear warheads in the Sarmat missile is 100 times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima during World War II.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has also said that his Satan 2 missile could “surpass all modern missile defense.” But since Russia invaded Ukraine, such threats have become more common in Russian propaganda shows. However, the risk of mutually guaranteed destruction makes many of these threats less frightening.

In addition to threatening to destroy the United States with their nuclear weapons, the volatile conversation also touched on the crisis in Ukraine, with hosts reiterating the notion that Russia’s invasion was “Nazi-like.”

Zhuralev said two million Ukrainians should be “nazifed”, meaning “destroyed”. He said they were “curable”.

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