Shh! President Trump shook the entire J6 committee as he could …

J6 Sham’s trial is still ongoing.

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That’s right, since inflation has risen to its highest level in 41 years, gas prices now average $ 5.00 per gallon across the country, and we’re in a housing mess from hell, what are the dams and rhinos focusing on?

About two years ago …

January 8

The day Chuck County’s fax machine was vandalized and someone stole Pelosi’s lectern.

Yes, what a disaster. Worse than 911, and Pearl Harbor… bla bla bla

The real crime and tragedy of the day was the killing of an innocent, unarmed Trump supporter named Ashley Babbitt. This should be investigated, but of course, the Syrian committee does not pay attention to him.

They set out to “destroy” President Trump for the most part.

More news: Mike Pence’s “Hidden” picture from the pro-Trump “killer” Jan. 6 “Discovered” is a complete joke

It’s tiring.

And this time, they hired some ABC producers using taxpayer dollars to make it look like “must watch TV”.

Of course, that’s not working.

Suck rating.

Even now, President Trump is shaking things up, as you know he will.

Trump is now making a claim that he gets “equal air time” to refute the lies raised at this silly hearing.

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Trump took the truth, where he listed his demands:


I love it.

She has every right to claim this, and I am thrilled that she has.

Let’s see how the Bojora of the Committee reacts on January 6… after all, they are on an “information search” mission, aren’t they?

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Shouldn’t they welcome all input ??


Well, played, President Trump, played well …

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