She’s a nut! Yesterday’s 6th hearing featured testimony from former Trump

“For example As an American, I was upset, ”Cassidy Hutchinson, an associate of Mark Meadows, said during his appearance at the Jan. 6 committee hearing. “It was patriotic, non-American. We saw the Capitol building being distorted by lies. ”
Legal scholars say Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony is the most important evidence to date that Donald Trump knew the Capitol rioters were armed and intended to follow his instructions to go to the Capitol, “fight like hell” and not violently threaten Vice President Mike Pence. Certification of Presidential Election. He reported that Trump supported the rioters entering the Capitol building, opposed law enforcement measures to stop them, and wanted to be driven to participate in the uprising. “I don’t care if they have weapons,” he said. They are not here to hurt me, “said Hutchinson. “Let the people in … take the ifing mags away.”
Legal experts believe that this evidence is strong evidence to support possible allegations against Trump, including 1) obstruction of official Congressional activities, 2) conspiracy to defraud the United States, 3) conspiracy to commit treason, and 4) possible wire fraud.
Despite knowing that the rioters included armed, aggressive and white hegemonic hate groups, Trump wanted to help them enter the capital. He knew the rioters were calling for Mike Pence to be hanged and planned to harm Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if they found them. He was apparently free that day, behaving aggressively and criminally. Since the allies of the coup have used the “big lie” as a medium-term strategy and have refused to come forward with the truth like Miss Hutchinson, a courageous, former Republican Trump supporter. He added that when Trump gets angry at the White House, he will throw food plates against the walls and throw tablecloths from the table to the floor. Trump spoke violently and after January 6, he acted violently and incited violence to try to prevent Joe Biden from being certified as president. He does not have the intelligence, honesty, maturity or mental stability to be president. Mrs. Hutchinson’s testimony reveals disturbing evidence of how emotionally disturbed she isd Trump is.

The hearing also revealed the names of Trump allies who apologized for their involvement in the Jan. 6 uprising. Mrs Cassidy Hutchinson has apologized to Mark Meadows, John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani. In politics, asking for forgiveness is considered a confession to commit a crime. Convicted General Michael Flynn was also shown a video claiming to be “fifth,” even when asked if the Jan. 6 committee was wrong. Most of the misfits that Trump has surrounded himself towards the end of his term are under investigation by the Jan. 6 committee or judiciary. Hutchinson overheard a disgusting conversation between Trump’s attorney Mark Cipolon and Mark Meadows at the White House. He heard Attorney Cepillon tell Meadows to tell Trump to do something to stop the violence between Capitol and Meadows. “Trump” doesn’t want to do anything. “

Hutchinson testified that Rudy Giuliani and Mark Meadows apologized for their participation in the 6th event at Capitol. The revolt was based on the lie that the election was rigged and that Trump officials either externally supported the conspiracy theory or did nothing to legitimize it. The apology indicates that they knew they were at risk of being involved in the crime that Trump was committing. Faithful Trump has not forgiven these friends. Looks like a lot of Republicans will go down with Trump’s crime ship.

The country’s Cassidy Hutchinson should be grateful for his courage and patriotism. Poor men in Trump’s orbit are an insult to the country. Mrs. Hutsenson is a source of national pride and morality.

Evidence further reveals that Chief of Staff Mark Meadows did nothing to pressure Trump to take steps to stop the violent attempt to block election credentials in order to address the concerns and violence at the Capitol.

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