Shawn Hannity’s “Maga Problem” has probably gotten a lot worse

It’s no secret that Shawn Hannity has some “MAGA” problems.

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Popular Fox News hosts were “all-in” against Trump’s PA candidate Dr. Oz and “MAGA” candidate Kathy Burnett.

It should be okay to disagree about the candidates in the primary and I think in most cases it will be.

But in this case, many MAGA people felt that Hanniti was using “leftist tactics” against Burnett, and they did not like it.

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Hannity also has some problems with the MAGA because of Lindsay Graham’s support, which most MAGA people see in GOP attire as a globalist traitor.

Overall, Hannity has lost favor with MAGA, and I’m sure she’s well aware of it.

But a new report, featuring Hannity’s infamous “J6 text message”, could mean more “MAGA problems” for Shawn.

According to a Business Insider report, Hannity was so upset about Jan. 6 that she wanted President Trump to pardon Hunter Biden so he could receive “good favors” from his father, Joe.

The Sham Committee discovered the information on January 6 while they were on their way to Hanniti’s text message to Kyle McIntyre.

He came up with the idea on January 7, the day after the US Capital Strike.

Oops, bad idea …

Trump will be fine with Joe and then get out of town on a railroad run by his voters… and that’s it.

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Fox News host Shawn Hannity suggested that President Donald Trump would pardon Hunter Biden for “smoothing things out” after the January 6, 2021 uprising, the Daily Beast reported.

The House Select Committee to Investigate the Capital Riots released a text message on Thursday between Hannity and then-Press Secretary Kyle McIntyre, where Capitol discussed in detail his conversation with Trump on January 7, 2021, the conservative news host.

Hundreds of Trump supporters were discussing ways to deal with a possible fallout in the wake of the Capital breach in an attempt to apparently overturn the 2020 election, including “no more stealing election talks” and Trump “joining the inauguration.”

According to a text message from Hannity, a pitch in particular seemed to attract the former president’s interest: a last-minute presidential pardon for Hunter Biden, son of President-elect Joe Biden.

“He was interested in the idea of ​​forgiveness !! (Hunter), ”Hannity wrote to McKennie, according to a text message released by the January 6 House panel.

Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine were at the center of Trump’s campaign of pressure on the Ukrainian government in 2019, leading to the former president’s first impeachment in early 2020. Although he is currently facing a federal investigation, no charges have been filed against Hunter Biden and no denials have been made. Unjust

A source told The Daily Beast that the amnesty proposal was not originally Hannity’s idea, but he brought it to Trump because he “really wanted some healing.”

Another person familiar with the conversation between Hannity and Trump told The Daily Beast that Hannity suggested that forgiveness could help “smooth things out” but the idea eventually fell through.

Of course, it was shut down, and the piece even says it was not “seriously” considered by Trump or anyone on his team.

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Can you imagine that President Trump actually thinks something like that is absurd?

Good Lord … this will be the end of his political career, and for good reason.

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