Senator Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to President Biden signed by 23 senators

Senator Elizabeth Warren calls on White House to take bold steps to protect women’s reproductive rights. Warren expressed his displeasure before the verdict and drafted a letter signed by 25 senators urging the president to take steps to use the president’s full power to protect the right to abortion for women.

Warren’s letter expresses specific demands and recommendations, including:

“We Request you to immediately issue an executive order directing the leaders of each federal agency to submit their plans to protect the right to abortion within 30 days. Across the country, Americans are at risk of losing their fundamental rights, including the constitutional right to abortion, which is protected for generations. They deserve no less than a full government response. ” (MS Magazine, June 13, 2022).

Additional suggestions were:

  • Drugs increase access to abortion.
  • Provide resources for abortion care people in other states, such as travel vouchers, child care services and other forms of assistance.
  • Establish a reproductive health ombudsman in the Department of Health and Human Services to educate the public and analyze data on access to reproductive services.
  • Implementing “free choice of provider” requirements guarantees Medicaid beneficiaries the freedom to seek family planning services from the provider of their choice.
  • Clarify protection for sensitive health and location data to prevent the sale of personally identifiable information from websites and apps (such as period trackers) in states that criminalize reproductive decision-making.
  • Using federal property and resources to increase access to abortions, such as paying off federal employees and compensating for the costs of accessing abortions.

“Democrats need to use every means at their disposal for the protection of women and their constitutional right to abortion. “President Biden’s executive authority is one of our most powerful tools for marshaling the resources of the entire federal government,” Warren wrote in a letter to the White House. “Now is the time to act.”

The fight for abortion rights in post-row America is the cry of Senate Democrats.

This fanatical, radical dangerous governor is just one of the many symptoms of a Republican party that has become the enemy of democracy and decency. Let’s clean up. Women will not be the children of their rapist or incestuous father. Sorry to disappoint Jesus-frustrated evangelists, mobster-like misogynists, and members of Congress who were fooled by Trump. Yes, those abortions will be harder and more expensive to obtain, but women and families will not abide by abusive, life-threatening laws. The victory over Rowe v. Wade is hollow, because women and men who love and respect women will maintain their “choice” despite having an America infected with cancer, the sociopathic MAGA Republican.
Republicans support the right of the state, unless the right is about guns or abortion. The leader of the hypocrites is Senator Mitch McConnell. He is responsible for the epic corruption that has plagued and weakened the U.S. government for decades. He is dishonest. He is a liar. He is anti-bipartisan. He is opportunistic. He is cruel. He is arrogant. If he had not lived in a state that operates at the 5% level of economy and education, he would not have been a senator who would have squandered money from the backs of voters and Russia. He will make animal balloons in the mall.

Trump supporters are outraged by the tragedy. So which adjective accurately describes those who support, believe, and encourage leaders to break the law, be violent, and lie? Trump supporters are annoyed at being called stupid or stupid. So what other adjective would describe a person who believes a fantastic claim without presenting evidence? The “big lie” just didn’t prove to be true; This has been disproved by compelling, undisputed evidence. Perhaps being a cult member explains the phenomenon of a dedicated Trump base.

Democrats need to keep Biden to his word. She should be forced to form a task force to devise strategies to increase access to abortion drugs and to open more clinics as conservative states close them and formulate vicious policies that endanger women’s lives, health and livelihoods.n

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