SCOTUS will hear the North Carolina Voting District Map case; The decision will be huge

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Thursday that it will hear a case that could fundamentally change the country’s electoral law in the next term.

Judges announced their decision to consider Moore v. Harper, a lawsuit centered on a recently created voting district map for North Carolina’s 14 seats in the upcoming U.S. House of Representatives, on the closing day of an exciting and controversial session.

Republican state lawmakers claim they want to restore a map that has overturned North Carolina state courts because it violates many provisions of the state constitution, giving Republican candidates an unfair advantage through biased gerimandering.

Christopher Cooper, a political analyst and professor at the University of Western Carolina, said: . “

According to Cooper, depending on the court’s decision, it could have significant implications, especially for states with a large proportion of right-wing legislatures.

Therefore, if it is passed with Republican-controlled legislatures in North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin and many other swing states, the courts will not act as a guard rail. According to Cooper, the final decision will be made by the legislature.

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina have argued in their petition to the U.S. Supreme Court that the electoral clause in the U.S. Constitution empowers state legislatures to decide how congressional elections are conducted without any checks and balances from the state constitution or state courts.

Depending on the rules of the conservative-majority court, the lawsuit could give state legislatures more control over congressional and presidential elections and bar state courts from hearing challenges to the outcome.

Concerns about the impact of the lawsuit on our democracy have been shared by several Republicans and Democrats. Adam Kinzinger, a Jan. 6 election committee member and Republican congressman, responded to the news on Twitter by writing, “It can’t happen after a coup attempt.”

“If the president and Congress do not block the court now, the court is warning that they will run for the next presidential election,” warned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the Democratic Republic.

According to Cooper, Americans across the country are already aware of the lawsuit.

“I predict that this will arguably be the most important issue of the upcoming Supreme Court term. According to Cooper, voting rights advocates and citizens should be concerned.

The upcoming term of the Supreme Court begins on the first Monday in October.

Holding the position as the 116th judge of the Supreme Court, this will be the first term in the bench of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

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