SCOTUS law has asked clerks to allow phones to be searched as part of the leak

A media report said Supreme Court law had asked clerks to sign affidavits and search their phones as part of an investigation into who leaked this month’s draft opinion, which said judges were going to overturn Rowe v. Wade.

CNN said Tuesday that the request to view phone records and sign an affidavit was new and showed that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has not yet been able to determine who leaked the document

The news source said about 75 people could see a draft copy of the opinion. CNN says law clerks are also considering how to hire consultants for the investigation.

Asked for comment, a High Court representative did not respond directly.

28 days have passed since Chief Justice Roberts asked the High Court Marshal, Gayle Carly, to lead the investigation and find the culprit.

Marshall Carly has been in office for less than a year. He is a former Army lawyer and colonel who is in charge of the court field and security. Legal experts have spoken about whether the question has been leaked.

Some say it could be a theft of public property or an attempt to stop the court from doing its job. Some have argued that Supreme Court documents, like those of other parts of the government, are not protected by privacy laws.

People following the court were shocked to hear on May 2 that the Supreme Court was about to repeal a decade-old rule on abortion. This is the first time in the 233-year history of the Supreme Court that a full draft opinion has been issued.

In a draft opinion expressed by Politico, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. said abortion should be returned to the state legislature.

Chief Justice Roberts said the draft opinion was real, but added that it was not a final decision.

In the case of Dobs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the issue is a Mississippi law that says abortion cannot be performed after 15 weeks of gestation. Mississippi officials say Rock should be overturned because it is no longer relevant. The court should have ruled on the case by June.

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