Sasha Obama’s interesting picture of pumping gas raises a number of questions

The Daily Mail tells Sasha Obama this weird thing about the “discomfort” of her appearance at the gas station… as if someone like Sasha had to think about $ 5-a-gallon of gas.

The catastrophic cost of living in the United States is affecting almost everyone – even ex-daughter Sasha Obama, who wore a rather painful expression when refueling her car on Monday, ঘন্টা 5 per gallon for the first time in history, hours after it exceeded the national average.

Sasha, 21, was shown playing in a very colorful outfit while pumping gas at a mobile station in Los Angeles – where prices were listed at $ 7.69-per-gallon for regular unleaded and $ 7.79 for premium unleaded.

But while former President Barack Obama’s youngest daughter and First Lady Michelle failed to smile as she completed her expensive work, she was still able to express some positivity through her unique multi-colored outfit, which included a cropped patchwork-style hoodie, a matching patchwork. Skirt, and a bright yellow T-shirt.

Sasha added some flair to her look in the form of some bright beaded necklaces, chunky rings, a silver belly button ring and a pair of bold-colored Nike sneakers.

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Please, give us all a break.

But the article raises some questions that are worth noting.

Among the first big questions, why isn’t Sasha – the child of two climate nuts – driving an electric car?

After all, Obama is the man who said:

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“Even when our economy has been transformed by new forms of technology, our electric grid looks like it did almost half a century ago,” Obama said. “So we have a choice. We could be one of the world’s leading foreign oil importers, or we could invest in what would allow us to be the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy. “

And we all know that Joe Biden’s fraudulent “presidency” is Obama’s 3rd term, and they are literally crippling the United States and destroying the middle class by pushing the liberal elite through the “Green New Deal”.

Is Obama’s daughter still driving a gas-powered car? Maybe it’s a hybrid, but still, not good enough by radical progressive standards.

What do you mean by that?

Rules for you, but not for me… Sasha is no dummy.

He won’t get stuck in an electric car, be unable to recharge, or wait in line for a 5+ hour charge.

That is for the farmers.

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Also, why is Sasha holding on to diesel fuel? Does this girl understand how “petrol” works or something else?

Green handles are always “diesel”.

And I agree. Sasha looks more confused by “gas” than “glam”.

And finally, many have commented on Sasha’s appearance… she’s got the same happy look as her mother.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Hmmm. Why isn’t he driving an EV? Her father will give us speeches, but what can his elite children do? It seems so. ”

“Wow, every time I see her, she looks like her mother … angry.”

“I see Sasha is as angry as Michelle.”

“I bet Obama is afraid of Sasha too.”

“This always annoying looking girl is definitely Michelle’s daughter.”

“It’s not bad, he just hates America like his parents.”

Okay, I think we can safely debunk the corner of the “glam” story in the Daily Mail.

But I think it’s a great time to remind everyone that highs aren’t affected by rising inflation and high gas prices.

And that’s why people like Obama and Biden, and all the other rich, progressive “climate turtles,” won’t raise a finger to reduce any of these costs. They will pretend they are doing something to fight it because they think you are stupid. In reality, they are doing nothing.

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Isn’t “Great Reset” fun?


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