Russia wants to meet with US media outlet leaders; Strict action warning

According to Reuters, Russia’s foreign ministry announced on Friday that it would hold a meeting with leaders of US media outlets in Moscow to inform them of the impending reaction to the US sanctions on Russian media.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned that “unless the activities of Russian media – operators and journalists – in the United States are not normalized, the toughest measures will undoubtedly be followed.”

To this end, the heads of all American media Moscow offices will be invited to the press center of the Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday, June 6, to explain the impact of their government’s unfriendly attitude on the media, “he said. “It’s something we’re waiting for.”

According to Reuters, Russian lawmakers passed a bill last month that would give prosecutors the power to close foreign media desks in Moscow if a Western country were “unfriendly” to state media, claiming that Western countries had imposed unfair restrictions on its media abroad.

According to Washington investigators, since the attack began, the European Union and the United Kingdom have taken legal action to restrict access to Russia’s state-run news channel RT.

According to investigators, the CBC’s Moscow bureau closed after the bill was passed.

Since the start of its campaign against Ukraine in February, Russia has tightened media restrictions and imposed 15 years in prison for journalists who broadcast “false” news about its so-called “special military operations.”

According to investigators, East Russian officials on Monday made their first conviction under the law against a man who posted a video on a social media page.

According to Reuters, the new regulations have prompted some Western media outlets to leave the country.

Russia’s “special military operation” aims to disarm and “disarm” neighboring Ukraine. Ukraine and its supporters say it is an excuse for a war that has killed thousands, displaced more than 6 million people and damaged infrastructure.

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