Rowe vs. Wade is overturned and the extremist Trump will remain in the Supreme Court

Remember their faces and names. Chief Justices John Roberts, Clarence Thomas (conspiracy theorist), Samuel Alito (obsessed with preying on white Christian men), Neil Gorsuch (arrogant and inhumane. Kavanagh (world-famous beer drinker) and Amy Connie-Barrett (religious extremist)
Supreme Court deprivation of individual rights is unprecedented. Courts usually give rules to extend ownership in democracies, not take them away. However, in a democracy shattered by the influence of an inhumane, religiously extremist Republican Party, the personal rights of non-white, non-Christian Americans will continue to be curtailed.

Perhaps with the exception of Justice Roberts, these judges are religious fanatics, misogynists, Trump surrogates, fanatics and elites who have now desecrated the once prestigious Supreme Court. This observation is not based on being a republic versus a democracy. The court is nothing more than the political hands of Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and all-right Republicans who simply have no right to hold office; They have no right to call themselves Americans. They are fake patriots who don’t care about every American. Poor, black, brown, Asian, Native, LGBTQ, and disabled Americans are irrelevant to the current extremist Republican Party. With the exception of the ultra-religious Amy Connie-Barrett, the majority of the court is male-dominated and out of touch with what most Americans claim. This court has a 25% national approval rating. Let them know that Donald Trump’s rejection includes them. Once they and their families are the victims of their horrific verdict, they will understand why they will go down in history as shameful, anti-democratic traitors to the Constitution.

Courts basically put their religious feelings about an unborn fetus before the physical and mental health of women and girls. These rich people bought by the elites of the corporation will undoubtedly secretly abort their children or grandchildren if they are raped or their lives are endangered due to pregnancy. This verdict is further proof that judges do not care about the poor, women, minorities or children. These judges are below the integrity of the court. Clarence Thomas is corrupt and should be condemned, removed or constantly investigated. In his bizarre, conspiracy theorist wife who could be accused of conspiring to steal the 2020 presidential election, he has no advantage.

In his contemporary opinion, All-Right Judge Clarence Thomas said the court should review other instances such as the 2015 gay marriage verdict. Thomas is shooting for gay rights and contraceptive access, so the public should be shooting for his job and his wife’s freedom. Ginny Thomas took part in a plot to overthrow the 2020 election. Justice Thomas was the only judge to vote against the release of Trump’s White House record from the National Archives. Thomas is an extremist, perhaps the enemy of democracy and an example of why the lifelong appointment of judges is a corrupt and dangerous practice.
President Biden today delivered a wide-ranging rebuke to the Republican majority in the Supreme Court in their decision to revoke women’s constitutional right to legal abortion. He acknowledged that even “the majority of believers in America do not want the Rock to be repealed.” She cites former Republican presidents Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower and George W. Bush as their names and their support for women’s right to vote. He noted that Rowe v. Wade passed the 1973 7-2 bilateral Supreme Court decision. He said the decision was radical, legally wrong and based on 1800s logic.

Biden rightly referred to Trump’s Supreme Court as one of the ultimate ideals that does not reflect the will of the majority of Americans. He described the criminal acts against doctors and women as “cruel”. She has vowed to do everything in her power as president to protect women’s rights, such as:

  • Apply to voters to vote for those candidates who will vote to code Rowe vs. Wade
  • Warns Voters of Other Privacy Rights Threatened by Extremists, Trump Supreme Court
  • Will use her office’s power to protect the right to contraception and women’s right to travel for abortion
  • Will monitor the post office’s efforts to disrupt contraceptive mailing
  • Write executive orders as required to protect women’s rights

President Biden must be big and brave. Expand the number of Supreme Court trials. Pressure the DOJ to prosecute everyone involved in trying to overturn the 2020 election results. Declare that Trump must be indicted for defending the presidency and democracy. Support economic retaliation by corporations, sports and entertainment industries against states that make abortion illegal.

66% of Americans are against reversing Rowe vs. Wade. Gay Americans, other members of the LGBTQ community, millennials, and ZZ voters must understand that this all-right Trump Supreme Court has threatened their right to privacy. The resistance movement against Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and the MAGA movement need to grow in size, frequency, and intensity. Former Christian extremist vice president Mike Pence has called for a national ban on abortion. America is not a Christian country and never was. It is becoming more and more religiously and culturally diverse, and the MAGA movement can do nothing to stop it. Morality and equality will win in the end in America. In the meantime, as women’s rights become less equal, we can create a distorted form of equality by banning vasectomy or forcing unwanted vasectomy on men and banning the sale of Viagra and other male efficacy drugs. Clarence Thomas’ prescription for Viagra should be discontinued first.

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