Rob Reiner blames Republicans for the Uvalade genocide?

Director and actor Rob Rainer has blamed Republicans for the Texas school shooting, which killed 19 children and two adults, in an offensive statement.

According to the All in the Family actor, Republicans in this country are “responsible for the blood of every child who dies as a result of gun violence.”

“You can kill kids at school in Texas, but you can’t have an abortion,” tweeted his daughter, Romy Reiner, all-cap.

While speaking out against the senseless killing of children, both Romy Rainer and Rob Rainer raised the issue of abortion. At least half of Americans consider abortion to be the killing of a fetus.

It didn’t take long for Rob Rainer to start playing war drums about the impending tsunami of patriarchal fascism when the word broke that the Supreme Court would overturn Rowe v. Wade.

Millions of American women are no longer able to make decisions about their reproductive health because of two unelected officials. Never lose sight of the fact that elections are important when taking another big step towards fascism. Rob Rainer took to Twitter a few weeks ago.

Rowe v. Wade, champion by Rob Rainer Since the passage of an anti-abortion law, an estimated 60 million babies have been aborted.

The complete and utter contempt of the Spinal Tap Director is nothing new for Republicans at all. In an interview with MSNBC in April, Rainer said voting for Republicans was like voting for dictatorship.

There is no such thing as a Republican or a Democrat or a Conservative or a Liberal. Let’s get rid of it first. “Dictatorship versus democracy is at stake. It is happening wherever we look. It was one of the reasons behind Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. He wants to destroy democracy,” he said.

Although we do not yet know the outcome of the French election between Macron and Marine Le Pen, it serves as a test for democracy and dictatorship around the world.

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