Reuters “Local Ukraine” publishes pictures of people and when people zoom in, they

There has been a lot of talk about the number of neo-Nazis living in Ukraine.

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According to Putin, the country has been flooded by them, but no one wants to take Putin’s word for it.

But we cannot deny what we have seen with our own eyes.

Many members of the Ukrainian army have neo-Nazi tattoos and are not embarrassed or trying to hide them.

It really seems to be a “proud” part of their culture.

The mainstream media largely ignored neo-Nazi things, but after noticing swastikas in many right-wing media outlets and calling them out, the group sought to “re-brand” itself.

More news: Dames and Petrified Unpleasant Orange will use the last “trick” for 2024 reports that after the surrender of hundreds of its members to Russian forces in the town of Mariupol, Ukraine’s Azov Battalion launched a new Chevron and undertook a PR rebranding effort to keep itself away from its neo-Nazi background. “Three swords,” or a golden trident. The symbol will be used by the newly built Azov Special Forces unit based in Kharkov.

“Three Swords” refers specifically to a monument at the base of the Azov Regiment in Mariupol. Alexei Raines, a member of the Azov Battalion, described it as “a symbol of military glory and a promise of revenge against the enemy.”

Previously, Azov forces used a Nazi-linked Wolfsangel symbol that Azov claims represents the “concept of nation” and that combines the letters “I” and “N” in the old Cyrillic script. In fact, the symbol is a shameless copy of the Wolfsangel symbol, which was used extensively by various Nazi military formations, including a few SS divisions that committed genocide during World War II.

But it seems to be more than a group of fighters.

On June 8, Reuters headlined the article: “Russia pushes Ukrainian forces to the outskirts of the main eastern city”

When you scroll through the article, there is a set of 24 images that you can scroll through and when you get to the 4th photo, you will see this picture of a man looking inside a van filled with bullet holes.

The caption to the photo reads: “A local resident visits a damaged van in a residential area of ​​Kharkiv, Ukraine, on June 8, 2022, following a Russian military attack on Ukraine. REUTERS / Ivan Alvarado”

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Nothing really tragic, is it?

But when people zoomed in on the photo, they panicked at the man’s tattoo.

This is a giant swastika.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Wow, do some random people have swastikas? That sounds like a bigger problem than we’re told. ”

“Here’s a thought … Russia and Ukraine are both a ** hole and we should stay away from all these things and think about the Americans.”

“The legacy of the establishment cannot help the media but can support the Nazis.”

“Liberals call Trump supporters Nazis. You can’t make a fool of yourself when you strongly support such people.”

“If Reuters could not find a picture of Ukraine without swastika tattoos, there must be a lot of Nazis in the region.”

I don’t think we’re getting the whole story about what’s actually happening in Ukraine.

Personally, I think both Russia and Ukraine have a lot of problems and they should be able to resolve their differences in this region, with their neighbors and without any input from the American people, without some humanitarian assistance from private sources.

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We have enough problems at home and the last thing we need to do is arm and finance an army of Nazis.

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