Republican Congresswoman Mississippi at Trump’s rally; Demands a mixture of words’

Republican Mary Miller’s (R-IL) office hastily returned comments to former President Donald Trump where she referred to the Supreme Court decision in Rowe v. Wade as a “victory for white life.”

Miller, who has caused controversy by referring to Adolf Hitler in a speech in the past, was on stage with Trump at the Save America rally on Saturday night. The Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has caused much controversy, and after introducing Miller, Trump welcomed the result as a “win for life.”

At the beginning of his speech, Miller said, “Thank you very much, President Trump. I’m glad to have your support. He continued to thank Trump for the decision, and when he said,” President Trump, on behalf of all MAGA patriots in America, I I would like to thank you for the historic victory of white life on the court, “raised political analysts.

Responding to a request for comment from the Associated Press, her spokeswoman Isaiah Wartman said she was wrong when Congressmen claimed the decision was a victory for the “right to life.” Wartman told the AP that there was a “mixture of words.” You can see in the video that he was clearly looking at his papers and his speech.

In correspondence with the AP, Miller’s campaign also revealed that he has several non-white grandchildren, one of whom has Down syndrome.

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