Reporter Paul Sperry shared two incredible tweets that proved again,

Paul Sperry, an investigative reporter for Real Clear Politics, tweeted two bombshells on July 4th, each supporting President Trump.

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He said two U.S. counterintelligence officials told him that Hunter Biden was under surveillance for his business dealings in China.

Here is what Paul said in a series of tweets:

“Developing: U.S. counterintelligence officials have told me Hunter Biden has come under federal surveillance amid growing concerns about his involvement with CCP-bound individuals – particularly Che Feng, aka” super chairman “- for trying to” compromise “the president or gather US intelligence through Hunter. Can “

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“Development: U.S. counterintelligence officials are investigating alleged communications between Hunter Biden and CFIUS members during the Chinese acquisition of a U.S. firm manufacturing automotive devices with dual-use technology.

You’d recall that a few years ago, President Trump called Hunter and Joe’s “China scandal,” and the media and Dames basically laughed at him.

Well, again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

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The Western Journal reported that former President Donald Trump actually claimed that the Biden family had suspicious relations with China in 2019, Reuters reported.

Trump has specifically accused Hunter Biden of using his position of influence to secure China’s financial support for his investments.

But at the time, Trump provided little evidence of his claim to Biden, and many rejected it.

But since the contents of Biden’s laptop were discovered by the New York Post, there is some real evidence behind the connection between Biden and China.

It has become clear that the Biden family has strong ties to China and Chinese businesses and has benefited from the connection.

“The Biden family has signed five contracts in China worth a total of 31 31 million, arranged by individuals with direct ties to Chinese intelligence – some of whom have reached the very top of China’s intelligence agencies,” the New York Post reported in January.

“In fact, the Biden family enjoyed every known deal they had with Beijing, courtesy of spies. And Joe Biden has personally benefited from his family’s foreign contracts, ”the post continues.

This deal seems to have been going on for years.

Anyone in DC or the media who has ridiculed President Trump for saying this proves they are liars and propaganda artists.

Everyone knew what Biden was doing. My God, she’s been in DC for 50 years, to shout out loud.

Good luck, I knew Biden was a scoundrel, and I don’t live anywhere near DC.

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I think the amount of what he and Hunter have done will be a shocking part.

I’m sure it’s a lot worse than we think.

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