Rep Boerbet celebrates the death of the catastrophic “Green New Deal”

Okay, it looks like AOC and Climate Cult will have to go back to the drawing board because SCOTUS has just lost the Green New Deal.

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SCOTUS has limited what EPA can do to combat climate change.

Now, obviously, we all want a healthy planet, but we don’t want to become a mouth-watering fierce communist in the process, do we?

The left always does it. You give them an inch in their simple faith and they take 100 miles.

For this reason you cannot work with them. They are crazy.

Fox News reported that the issue was in the West Virginia v. EPA, and under the Clean Air Act, Congress constitutionally approved the EPA to impose regulations on states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants. .

“Stopping carbon dioxide emissions to a level that would force the country to move away from using coal for power generation could be a wise ‘day-to-day solution.’ Has given the power to adopt such a regulatory scheme as such.

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In a dissent, Justice Elena Kagan – joined by Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer – said the decision robbed Congress of the EPA’s ability to respond to “the most pressing environmental challenge of our time.”

Climate change is like a coward for dams… it’s just an excuse to control everything, to kill the middle class, and to oppress.

AOC is by your side.

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He wants to remove SCOTUS “to save the planet”.

Well, one person I can tell is not dissatisfied with the verdict is Republican Lauren Boebert, who has just won her primary in a landslide.

He went on Twitter to celebrate the death of Green New Deal.


Here is what he said: “The Scots today effectively killed the Green New Testament. Good salvation. “

Here’s what people are saying online:

“All Crying Baby Curse California should have plenty of water now – with generous cries”

“Praise God !!!!”

“Then will the demons stop America from breaking up?”

“It simply came to our notice then. Dames uses this global warming stuff for energy. ”

“Garbage science is shot”

“You can’t carry gas for 5, but go buy a 60K electric car: it’s the green new deal in short”

“A lot of really rich white liberals are upset today, the rest of us just want to feed our families and give them gas tanks.”

“I’m here to keep the planet safe and clean and whatever it is, but like everything else, the left has pushed this thing a long way.”

“Good reign in this climate madman.”

Again, just like abortion, the decision to emigrate goes back to the states.

They can vote on this.

This limits the federal government; As it should be Leftists do not believe in their policy so that they can vote for the American people. They want to impose these things on you because they know how unpopular they are.

Good, very bad. Start coming up with ideas that people actually like and will support and vote for.

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That is how the government should work.

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