Rep. Boebert just jumps after showing Michelle Obama “radical”

The left is so out of touch with ordinary, intelligent Americans that it’s not even fun.

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This is actually a time of crisis. These wealthy liberal elites live in these “safe bubbles” where everyone speaks the same way, expresses concern and annoyance about the same thing, and supports every bizarre new sexual fetish that comes down from the pike.

Because believe me, almost everything about progressive religion is “sex-oriented.”

The only thing that stays away from sex is climate change – somehow – after all, many protesters insist on taking off all their clothes.

What these bubble-dwellers don’t realize, however, is that their elite, rich, snooty friends all behave this way, the vast majority of Americans don’t, and we’re all sitting here staring at this madness, like “men have kids,” and 7-foot tall hulking boys wearing one-piece bathing suits with bows in their hair, like mental illness.

But the Left is now being held hostage by a fierce, insanely mentally ill man. They are a minority, but they are insane and wicked and will shake a person and continue to sting them until they freeze and bend their knees.

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The latest fetish on the left is that men are now pretending to be women… and in the process, women are completely lost and discarded.

It’s eye-catching … All these elite feminists are rejoicing when men are taking on the role of women, and doing better in it, to boot!

They’ve even come up with a new way to spell “WOMEN” and it’s none other than Michelle Obama

The Daily Mail reports that former First Lady Michelle Obama has sparked controversy in an Instagram post after using the word ‘womxn’ to express her support for abortion care.

Obama took to Instagram on Saturday to encourage voters to take part in the midterm elections, especially in states where abortions could be banned by a possible Supreme Court ruling.

‘State legislators will have the power to deprive them of the right to make decisions about their bodies and their health care,’ read one of the slides Obama shared.

The term ‘womxn’ is intended to include transgender and non-binary individuals who are identified as women, but critics say that using the phrase erases the experience of Sisgender women.

In the caption of the post, Obama uses the traditional spelling: ‘Several weeks have passed since we leaked the SCOTUS draft opinion on abortion.’

“If that happened then we would all be living in a country where millions of women – not to mention our children and grandchildren – would lose the right to make decisions about their bodies and their health.”

In the past, other progressive politicians, including Democrat firebrand Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, have been criticized for using inclusive words like “menstruating women” to refer to people identified as women.

And now, when we don’t call them “bleeders” or “birth-giving people,” we’re jingling them outright.

It is incredible that the political party seems to be loyal to women, actively destroying them and putting men first.

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And you know, it’s a big deal when Michelle Obama is pushing for a new “thing.”

Soon everyone will be zinging out women all over the place, and there’s a real problem with Representative Boebert.

And here’s what Lauren said about Michelle’s new spelling “WOMXN”: “So now the word ‘woman’ is too old-fashioned for Michelle Obama and she has decided to start using” womxn “৷ yes really.

Lauren is right … they’re literally wiping out women.

Less than 1% of the population is “trans” and yet, everyone and their brothers are expected to change their lifestyles and habits for this small group of confused people.

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This is not inclusion, it is another power grab by the left and another way to control the way people think and speak.

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