Remember that Amber Hard / TJ Max video? Well, the paparazzi are saying now, it’s not

Is the media manipulator back?

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Is Amber Hard staging the film again?

That’s what a group of paparazzi is saying exclusively to Radar Online.

Last week TMZ saw a video clip of Amber Heard shopping at a TJ Maxx discount store.

The clip went viral instantly.


I did a story on it, and it seemed to me that some random customer saw Amber inside the TJ Maxx, filmed it, and then contacted TMZ.

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But, the real industry paparazzi say that didn’t happen.

They believe that Amber is back to her old tricks, and that she staged the insulting incident and earned her reputation by selling the clip to TMZ.

But is it really “insulting?”

Business Insider says Hampton’s biggest open secret is not the latest great new restaurant opening or meeting celebrities. This is a TJ Max discount chain store located in a nondescript strip mall near Montauk Highway.

Shaking the rest of the world while shopping for Amber Hard at the TJ Max Store last week, the actor – whose jury found both parties responsible for the defamation after filing a high-profile defamation lawsuit with his ex-husband Johnny Depp – knows something they don’t. t: This is the secret hot spot of the fictional East End.


Radar Online reports that some celebrity photographers internally believe that the latest images of Amber Hard were staged at TJ Max.

Probably by him.

According to multiple sources from inside the cutthroat paparazzi business, the images appear to be “staged”, presumably to win sympathy after losing the ডে 8 million verdict to defame Hard Depp behind the leak.

“Both sets of images have a story mark that raises more questions for me than the seemingly title!” One source said.

“If these pictures were taken by a paparazzo, the paparazzo or the employer of the paparazzo would be desperate to link them to the byline set to get extra sales from media outlets.

“Here, there is no byline in both sets of hard. It tells me that the images were either sold directly to a media outlet by a source who didn’t want to be identified or were handouted. For example, they were given to the media for free use.

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He was later seen shopping for groceries.

For me, I don’t think it’s hard to believe that someone was outside and saw him and started filming on their camera… but I guess it would happen twice a day, it could be an extension.

Amber, on the other hand, has proven herself as a media manipulator who uses PR as an emotional weapon. So, the idea that he will “cash” his own grief is not far off.

He can look humble and get some sympathy from the critics while doing something in the video

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I guess if I were a betting person, I could probably go with option # 2.

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