Rebellion hearings are coming and Fox News is doing the journalism

It is certain that Fox News is not a news show. It is certain that the company will never win the Pulitzer Prize. The existence of the Fox propaganda machine guarantees the destruction of democracy by calling the uprising a liberal sorceress. They support the attempt to steal the former presidential election and stay in office illegally. Fox is playing Trump’s playbook with lies, transparency and intimidation. It is a playbook of dictators, brokers and criminals.

The founding fathers have done an impressive job of defining democracy. However, 1776 was much earlier. We are learning about the flaws in the documents that threaten the democracy they have created. Changes to the constitution and other bold strategies that will help protect democracy include:

  • Finish Rupert Murdoch in jail or deportation, and Fox News
  • Accuse Mark Zuckerberg
  • Keep Facebook out of business
  • Misinforming misinformation on social media
  • Send a copy of the First Amendment with a legal explanation to every citizen and resident of the country
  • Send a copy of the Second Amendment and a legal explanation to all citizens and residents of the country
  • Get rid of Philibuster
  • Exclude minority and majority leadership positions
  • Get rid of Electoral College
  • Cancel Supreme Court appointment for life
  • Exclude the appointment of a federal judge for life
  • End the Department of State policy that protects presidents from criminal charges
  • Prohibit corporate grants to candidates for Congress
  • Corporate grants to members of Congress are prohibited
  • Enact legislation that would allow the immediate dismissal of a member of Congress who is found to be lying to the public.
  • Urge presidential candidates to file their tax returns
  • Disqualify a president who does not disassociate himself from his business while in office
  • Apply a code of ethics to the presidency that must be followed. Approval or suspension will result in unethical behavior.

These changes and strategies will eliminate government corruption, protect morality, promote transparency and integrity, and safeguard our national security.ity

Despite the information, the Gaslighting Republican Party repeatedly declared to the committee investigating the mutiny that it was a biased witch. The two super-conservatives work on Republican committees. Representative Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney were among the members of Congress who supported more than 90% of Trump’s policies. The tactic of lying is being used by the MAGA GOP to manipulate their innocent voters into believing these two conservatives to be democrats. Kinzinger and Cheney are the only two Republicans who have patriotically and boldly rejected Donald Trump’s authoritarian, anti-democratic stance in the United States. Putting aside bias and opportunism, these members of Congress are fighting to save America from the perilous lie that if America is controlled by a law-breaking dictator, America is greater than those who hold power, make money, humiliate minorities and women. Don’t worry. , And friendship dictator.

Let’s hope that in January. At the 6th committee hearing, a courageous Republican chose democracy over loyalty to Trump and revealed events such as the removal of the corrupt Richard like John Dean.N. Fox viewers will see the hearing as a sign they will choose the country from the party if the committee proves Trump to be a traitor to the constitution.

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