Radio host Jesse Kelly brilliantly added the J6 Circus to a tweet that should

Dames took a big risk with the bullshit he aired on January 6th.

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But, to be honest, they didn’t have much choice.

In the meantime, we have nothing to talk about.

Biden’s economy is a mess – inflation is just 41 years high, wages are falling and gas At least In most places the বক্স 5 box is a gallon.

Dames are no longer a group of “working people”, so they can’t talk about kitchen table problems without shutting down their elite radical base.

All they can focus on are the transgender issue, Green New Garbage and Trump.

More news: Actor Mark Hamil has faced a huge backlash for posting this awesome selfie picture in a J6 TV hearing promotion

That’s it. They have nothing else.

So while Americans are struggling, trying to put food on the table and fill their gas tanks, Dames and some Rhino are spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a biased political gang show.

What they have …

But as I have said, this is a risky move… what will probably happen is that they will urinate the public, when appealing to only a small, select few… and radio host Jesse Kelly draws a scene so brilliantly about exactly what will happen. .And sadly, he nailed it.

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Here is what he said in a very powerful tweet, which is actually to scare Dames: “Imagine sitting in your car crying because you can no longer drive to work, come home that night and turn on the TV, and give the Democrats a TV for January 6th.” I’m looking forward to the event. “

Isn’t that sad? But that’s probably happening to a lot of Americans right now.

What a slap in the face to hear all this! TDS politicians outside of this touch will spend millions to hate President Trump and anyone who believes in “America First”, but they will not raise a finger to help struggling Americans.

But hey, if you live in Ukraine, these same rotten politicians will vote to send you billions.

See how globalism works?

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It’s annoying to see it published, and all I can say is, if you want revenge, get it on Tuesday, November 8th, and vote for each of these democratic communists out of office.

That is our only hope.

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